Why SimScale?

Simulation features, benefits, security policy, pricing and more.

Learn everything about SimScale

Product Tour

Watch this short tour to get an overview of the SimScale platform and see how simple it is to get started with simulation in your web browser.


Learn how SimScale can help you build your products faster, better and more cost-efficiently. See how it can fit into your workflow.

Plans and Pricing

Get an overview of all of the SimScale pricing plans and choose the one that best fits your simulation needs.


Learn more about SimScale’s data security and privacy policies and how SimScale ensures that your data is secure.

Open Source

Discover the solver technology and validation used by SimScale, which is built with the help of best-in-class open source software codes.

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Christopher Quijano

I have used a lot of simulation packages over the past 25 years, including Nastran, Ansys, SolidWorks, and a whole host of others. I have been using SimScale for about nine months now and it has become my goto simulation tool. It allows me to run models larger than I have ever conceived on my own workstation.

Christopher QuijanoMechanical Engineer at MSA, United States