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Optimize Designs for Data Center Cooling

Cloud-based simulation to test, validate, and optimize designs iteratively and easily

Data center cooling systems are commonly employed in medium to large data centers. These cooling mechanisms use mechanically chilled liquid to lower the temperature of the air delivered by air handlers (CRAHs).
What is data center cooling

Typical Data Center Cooling Applications

Data center cooling can be applied in a variety of ways, including:

  • Mainframes and academic supercomputers
  • Liquid-cooled server racks
  • Mid-to-large scale data center cooling systems
data center cooling methods

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

A data center cooling design needs to be analyzed in the early design process to validate and optimize cooling efficiency in a data center. However, the high cost of hardware and steep learning curves of traditional, on-premises tools leave many designers to feel that simulation is not an option.

SimScale has eliminated such traditional hurdles, thanks to the power of the cloud. With SimScale, engineers can:

  • Run multiple simulations in parallel for faster design optimization
  • Get started quickly with an easy-to-learn interface
  • Avoid manual updates, installation, or maintenance
  • Simulate other CFD, FEA, or thermal applications

Interested in evaluating your data center cooling systems with online simulation?

data center cooling design

Data Center Design-Cooling Management

In this simulation project, a data center cooling simulation is performed using CFD. Learn how to evaluate energy efficiency and conform to different energy standards as well as improve your data center cooling design with online simulation.

dData Center Cooling Simulation with CFD

Data Center Cooling Simulation with CFD

This detailed simulation project evaluates data center cooling systems by evaluating air temperature and velocity inside a server room using a thermo-fluid analysis type on SimScale.

Data center cooling resources

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