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Data center cooling systems are commonly employed in medium to large data centers. These cooling mechanisms use mechanically chilled liquid to lower the temperature of the air delivered by air handlers (CRAHs).
What is data center cooling

Typical Data Center Cooling Applications

Data center cooling can be applied in a variety of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Mainframes and academic supercomputers
  • Liquid-cooled server racks
  • Mid-to-large scale data center cooling systems
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Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

A data center cooling design needs to be analyzed in the early design process to validate and optimize cooling efficiency in a data center.

Using CFD and thermodynamic simulation from SimScale, you can evaluate your design to identify opportunities to save costs and energy and prevent damage to equipment. Convective heat transfer simulation is a popular choice for this application.

Interested in evaluating your data center cooling systems with online simulation?

data center cooling design

Data Center Design-Cooling Management

In this simulation project, a data center cooling simulation is performed using CFD. Learn how to evaluate energy efficiency and conform to different energy standards as well as improve your data center cooling design with online simulation.

dData Center Cooling Simulation with CFD

Data Center Cooling Simulation with CFD

This detailed simulation project evaluates data center cooling systems by evaluating air temperature and velocity inside a server room using a thermo-fluid analysis type on SimScale. Find out how to optimize your data center cooling design.

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data center cooling simulation velocity streamlines

Johnson Screens used SimScale CFD to verify airflow through their architectural radiator grille product

“To get the same results with a physical test, it would take us months and would cost anywhere from $7k to $15k, even for this project, which is actually very small in scope. With SimScale, we could just run a virtual test at the office which took only 18 minutes.”

Daryn Bertelson CAE Egineer

johnson screens
Temperature Distribution Across the Steel Frame Elements in the Cryo Chamber

CRYO Science used thermal simulation with SimScale to improve the efficiency of its cryo chamber

“After studying our case, we can say that we are really impressed with the SimScale platform. Thanks to the platform’s ease of use, the professional support of SimScale engineers and the perfect communication with them, we were able to efficiently perform simulations and sort out our design problems. It’s hard to imagine how much physical prototyping time and measures we saved thanks to virtual prototyping.”
Piotr Pietryga

Piotr Pietryga CEO at CRYO Science

cryo science

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