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About this workshop

SimScale and Hannover Medical School – one of the world’s leading university medical research centers – are joining forces to offer a free 3-session workshop about the applications of engineering simulation in biomedical engineering.

This online workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of biomedical engineering with a particular focus on engineering simulation. Participants will learn through examples, including live demonstrations, how the SimScale Platform can help biomedical engineers and researchers gain valuable insight into the development of hip prostheses and arterial stents as well as observe blood flow characteristics.

Each session comes with an optional homework assignment. Submitting all homework assignments will qualify participants for a Certificate of Completion for the course.

This course is intended for beginners, as well as experienced users wishing to learn more about the applications of engineering simulation in Biomedical Engineering. There is no prior knowledge or software required to join this workshop. All participants will get free access to the SimScale Platform with all required simulation features.

Enroll in the Course

The workshop has ended – you can now take the course on-demand in the SimScale Academy.

Session 1

Session 1 - Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering

January 25th 2018 6:00 p.m. CET / 12:00 p.m. ET

In the first session, we will discuss the fundamentals of biomedical engineering. Participants will learn about the latest technology trends and how engineering simulation is being used today to improve individual diagnostics and therapy. For the first homework assignment, participants will run a simulation to determine the best material for a hip joint prosthesis.

Homework Assignment - Session 1

Deadline: February 4th 11:59 pm CET

Session 2

Session 2 - Stent Design and Applications

February 1st 2018 6:00 p.m. CET / 12:00 p.m. ET

Stents are small expandable tubes used to treat narrowed or weakened arteries in the body. During the second session, participants will learn about the challenges and requirements for stent design in order to achieve maximum therapeutic success. For the second homework assignment, participants will evaluate the behavior of a stent using the SimScale Platform.

Homework Assignment - Session 2

Deadline: February 11th 11:59 pm CET

Session 3 - In Vivo Blood Flow

February 7th 2018 6:00 p.m. CET / 12:00 p.m. ET

In the third and final session,participants will learn about the fundamentals of the cardiovascular system. Participants will then have the chance to evaluate the danger of vessel calcification with the aid of a fluid flow simulation.

Homework Assignment - Session 3

Deadline: February 18th 11:59 pm CET

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