Modal-Based Harmonics


Large Scale Vibration Analysis with Modal-Based Harmonics

Large Scale Vibration Analysis with Modal-Based Harmonics

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With the release of modal-based harmonics, SimScale users are able to perform vibration analysis on mesh sizes of over 1 million nodes using a single analysis type that automatically outputs full response spectrums.

In this launch webinar, we showed a vibration analysis of an EV inverter to demonstrate the modal-based workflow and show how a full shaker table test regime can be efficiently replicated by running multi-axis tests simultaneously using parallel computation.

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David Short

Product Manager – Structural Mechanics


David is the product manager for Structural Mechanics at SimScale. He brings with him years of professional experience in CAE, with a background in marine engineering. He is committed to helping organizations discover the benefits of early-stage simulation and works to make nonlinear and dynamic FEA applications accessible to design engineers worldwide.

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