Simulate Microclimate with Rhino® and SimScale Using the Nuada.CFD App

Simulate Microclimate with Rhino® and SimScale Using the Nuada.CFD App

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The Nuada.CFD app in Rhino is a microclimate modeling tool developed by Thornton Tomasetti and SimScale. Nuada.CFD is designed to allow architects and engineers to perform fast and powerful microclimate design simulations fully within Rhino and run on an HPC cloud environment without needing any hardware.

The app uses the powerful CAD tools in Rhino® and integrates SimScale’s fast and accurate Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) solver Pacefish® for transient wind studies.

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Richard Szoeke-Schuller

Product Manager

With a background in applied mathematics and mechanical engineering, Richard is a valuable member of the Product Management Team at SimScale. He and his team constantly try and make SimScale a better fit for every engineer in the world.

Jeroen Janssen thornton thomasetti

Jeroen Janssen

Associate Director

Jeroen is an Associate Director and is leading the CORE studio team in London. CORE is Thornton Tomasetti’s Research and Development incubator, enabling collaboration with project teams and industry colleagues to drive change and innovation. Jeroen particularly focuses on the design of microclimates for urban spaces. During the early stages of a design, in-house developed digital models of wind simulations and solar and thermal radiation are used to analyze complex urban scenarios on master planning scale or at the level of an individual development, thus ensuring comfortable spaces from the outset of the architectural design process.

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