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Engineering Webinars & Workshops for Online Simulation

Register for free CAE webinars from SimScale

Learn all about the world of CAE and cloud-based simulation with SimScale. Check out our engineering webinars and workshops to get started today!

Past Engineering Webinars & Simulation Workshops

four physics in 30 minutes

Four Physics in 30 Minutes: Multiphysics Simulation

Learn how easy it is to perform multiphysics simulation using the SimScale cloud-native engineering simulation platform. Our specialists will provide a live demo of streamlined simulation workflows including fluid flow (CFD), conjugate heat transfer (CHT), and structural mechanics physics applied to an electric motor design.

David Heiny Co-founder and CEO
Globe Valve Multiphysics Simulation in simscale

Understanding the Performance of a Globe Valve Using Multiphysics Simulation

Learn about CAD integration, intuitive fluid flow (CFD), and structural (FEA) simulation workflows with a live demo covering the fluid flow within a globe valve and structural response to the fluid pressure. Simulations will be run in the SimScale multiphysics engineering simulation platform.

Omar Abed Application Engineer
Simulate and Adapt Cities for Climate Resilience: A World Cities Day Event

Simulate and Adapt Cities for Climate Resilience: A World Cities Day Event

Learn how leading urban designers are applying state-of-the-art thinking and tools to simulate cities for climate resilience.

This Might Get Hot! Thermal Simulation of High Power Density Electronics

Learn how engineering simulation provides accurate insight into heatsink and electronics enclosure thermal performance and enhances your high-power electronics passive cooling strategy.

Matt Bemis Application Engineer
amc bridge executive series with simscale

AMC Bridge Executive Series: The Role of Simulation Technology in Digital Twins

Hear what CAE experts have to say about the challenges, benefits, and approaches to consider when deploying simulation technology as a part of your digital twin effort.

David Heiny Co-founder and CEO
robust cad model handling product update webinar

From Robust CAD Model Handling to New Solver & Post Processing Capabilities – SimScale Simulation Updates

Catch up on the very latest capabilities, including new tools for efficient handling of complex CAD geometry, materials data collaboration, brand new meshing & CFD solver technology.

David Heiny Co-founder and CEO
microclimate simulation in your web browser

Microclimate Simulation for Architects and Engineers

Learn how to simulate external flow around buildings, pedestrian wind comfort, and microclimate for early-stage design.

Darren Lynch Senior Application Engineering
fabric first building fabric simulation

Fabric First: CFD for Passive Environmental Design

Learn how to model the thermal performance of the building fabric and evaluate energy efficiency options using powerful engineering simulation in the cloud.

Darren Lynch Senior Application Engineering
cad geometry preparation and meshing

CAD Geometry Preparation and Meshing for Engineering Simulation in the Cloud

A live demo showcasing how to import, prepare, and mesh different types of 3D CAD models for simulation in your web browser.

Jon Wilde VP Product
radiation heat transfer feature

Electronics Thermal Management: How to Simulate Radiation Heat Transfer

Simulate real-world applications in your browser: A demonstration of including radiation heat transfer for more accurate electronics thermal management simulations.

Alexander Fischer Co-Founder & Product Manager
cavitation analysis in simscale

Pump Performance – Analysis of Cavitation Effects with Engineering Simulation in the Cloud

Learn how you can quantify the effect of cavitation on pump performance in minutes thanks to the practically unlimited computational power offered by engineering simulation in the cloud.

Ajitkumar Jeyakumar Senior Application Engineer
harmonic analysis of e motor

Vibration Analysis of an Electric Motor – Structural FEA in the Cloud

This webinar will give you access to simulation tools for the fast & accurate design of mechanical systems. All you need is a web browser.

David Short Product Manager – Structural Mechanics
charged ev simulation case

Charged EVs Webinar: EV Battery Module Design

Investigate how the change in different design parameters influences the temperature of battery cells inside the module with the goal of increasing battery life by maintaining an optimal operating temperature distribution.

Alexander Fischer Co-Founder & Product Manager
battery cooling cold plate simulation

Cooling Performance Optimization of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Learn how to design and optimize a cooling plate for an electric vehicle battery using CFD in a web browser.

Steve Lainé Application Engineering Manager

Automated Mesh Refinement and Advanced Physics for Rotating Machinery

Learn how local mesh refinement can be used to create high-quality meshes for rotating machinery applications while optimizing simulation turnaround time and core-hour utilization.

Ajitkumar Jeyakumar Application Engineer
ashrae webinar

ASHRAE Webinar: Simulate Ventilation Equipment & Strategies Using Cloud-Native CFD

Learn how mixed-mode ventilation strategies can maximize natural ventilation using passive design features in this joint webinar with ASHRAE.

Ajitkumar Jeyakumar Application Engineer
Richard Szöke-Schuller Product Manager
withings webinar

Accelerating the Design-to-Prototype Cycle of Medical Devices with Withings

Nonlinear modeling of plastic snap-fits for medical devices: See how simulation experts at Withings reduced their design-to-prototype cycles from weeks to days with engineering simulation in the cloud.

Victor Pimenta Mechanical Development Engineer
Steve Lainé Application Engineering Manager
thermo-mechanical asme webinar

Thermal-Mechanical-Fluid Analysis in the Cloud – Getting Started with SimScale

Learn how to get started with SimScale to explore and optimize CFD, thermal, and mechanical designs using a multiphysics application.

Guillermo Giraldo Application Engineer