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A Simple AI & CFD Workflow for EV Battery Pack Cooling Design

A Simple AI & CFD Workflow for EV Battery Pack Cooling Design

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Valispace, part of the Altium Group, offers design and requirements engineering using AI and automated design iteration for users. This webinar demonstrates a simple workflow to optimize the design of an electric vehicle battery pack using Valispace and the thermal and CFD features in SimScale.

An electric vehicle’s drive mode affects the amount of heat generated by each battery cell. The workflow can determine whether or not the cooling system needs to be re-adjusted to take on the additional heat based on the maximum allowable temperature. Design iterations can include:

Watch this webinar and learn how to set up the workflow between Valispace and SimScale!

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antonio soares valispace

Antonio Soares

Solutions Manager


With an Integrated Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, Antonio transitioned from being a CFD consultant to that of solutions manager at Valispace. He now plays a pivotal role in guiding clients to harness Valispace’s Data Driven Systems Engineering (DDSE) approach, streamlining their workflows for enhanced efficiency and innovation in their hardware projects

paul grey valispace

Paul Grey

Application and Customer Success Engineer


With a PhD in Micro and Nanotechnology, Paul spent a lot of his time as a fundamental researcher on microelectronic devices such as photodiodes and field-effect transistors to combine them with photonic materials. He then shifted his focus on the industry, where he is now an Application and Customer Success Engineer at Valispace and Altium helping Engineers all around the world in diverse industries with Systems and Requirements Engineering to accelerate their hardware projects.


Ioannis Tsavlidis

Solution Engineer


Ioannis is a Solution Engineer at SimScale with 5+ years of engineering simulation experience in a broad range of physics. He is a Mechanical engineer and holds an MSc in Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft.

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