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Multi-Discipline CAE Tool for Wind Engineering

Ensure Thermal and Wind Comfort Using Virtual Modelling

SimScale is a 100% cloud-based CAE software for wind engineering that lets you test, validate, and optimize your designs through CFD, FEA, and thermal analysis.

Wind engineering is the science that combines fluid mechanics with wind and thermal comfort to ensure safe and qualitative living conditions for humans. Due to the complexity of urban areas and the modern architectural designs, a high-performance tool to evaluate them is very important. SimScale provides you with a cutting-edge CAE tool that allows you to evaluate your design in an easy and efficient way using cloud technology, for CFD, FEA, and thermal analysis, by eliminating all the barriers of traditional simulation software. No expensive hardware, licenses or maintenance are required. With SimScale, you will be able to predict the reality without running any physical tests, for different scenarios and applications in wind engineering—from pedestrian wind comfort or wind load on buildings to pollution control and thermal comfort.
pedestrian wind comfort cfd simulation

Pedestrian Wind Comfort

With the complexity of modern urban areas, pedestrian wind environment simulations have become a critical factor in urban design, helping to ensure the overall well-being, safety, and comfort in pedestrian zones. Predicting and properly assessing the airflow around a building is a difficult and expensive process when using the experimental approach. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques are a practical, cost-effective, and time-efficient alternative to the field measurements or tunnel tests. Discover how to use CFD to evaluate pedestrian wind comfort by watching this webinar.

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building wind load calculation with cfd software

Wind Loads on Buildings

A windy day can create a serious phenomenon on tall buildings, bridges, and towers. Predicting the performance of constructions in advance will ensure the comfort and safety of people. This is why an accurate and robust tool is required to evaluate the wind and structural effects. SimScale comes with a multi-discipline package to give you the chance to evaluate not only the flow over the constructions but also the bending and the twisting phenomenon on the structures. With this webinar, learn how to calculate wind loads on buildings with online CFD.

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cfd simulation for pollution control

Pollution Control

The pollution of air or water can create dangerous problems on the safety of humans. Predicting and assessing the path of factories exhausts and discharges in the rivers plays a vital role when it comes to wind engineering. Finding a solution that gives accurate results can be challenging in such applications, where this is highly required. SimScale focuses on high accuracy and our engineers are constantly creating validations to compare them with experimental data. Learn how to use CFD to optimize industrial ventilation with this webinar.

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office room ventilation system Thermal comfort cfd simulation

Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort in public spaces such as stadiums, theaters, schools or in private spaces like houses, apartment buildings or garages is an essential factor in ensuring good living conditions. SimScale offers a full simulation package to perform CFD, FEA or thermal analyses and optimize your design for a comfortable modern life, everything only using a web browser. With this white paper, find out how to ensure thermal comfort in buildings using online CFD.

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stadium natural ventilation cfd simulation

Natural Ventilation

To reduce energy consumption, finding a creative idea for ventilation without using any mechanical systems can be very beneficial, from both the ecological and economic perspectives. SimScale provides you with a sophisticated tool to optimize natural ventilation systems and understand the behavior of your design before creating any physical prototypes. Learn how to validate natural ventilation in commercial buildings using CFD by watching this free webinar.

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CFD for Wind Engineering

CFD for Wind Comfort and Safety in Urban Areas

Wind can affect our everyday life in a city. If buildings are built in unfortunate places, wind loads can literally blow pedestrians off sidewalks. To avoid that, engineers use simulation to calculate the wind loads and speeds that are going to occur during storms, with their configuration of the building.

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