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In this natural ventilation application guide, find some of our most popular public projects where you can learn how to analyze the airflow patterns of your building designs, along with the velocity, and potential temperature differences. On this page, you can also find ventilation resources from our blog. What’s more? Hear what our customers with similar applications have to say about working with SimScale.
natural ventilation

Typical Natural Ventilation Applications

This type of ventilation can be applied in a variety of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Buildings or structures with windows and doors that can be adjusted
  • Buildings or structures in climates that allow for natural ventilation
  • Buildings where devices (i.e. earth tubes) are employed to facilitate passive ventilation
  • Buildings made with environmentally conscious standards
What is natural ventilation

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

Designs that employ natural ventilation as their main source of air filtration need to be certain they can meet regulatory standards and not cause safety hazards from air stagnation. The performance of a natural or passive ventilation system must be analyzed in the early design.

Using online CFD simulation from SimScale, you can evaluate these factors to iterate and optimize your natural ventilation system in the design process and avoid painful and expensive retrofits/upgrades.

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natural ventilation in an atrium

TNatural Ventilation in an Atrium

In this project, air is free to enter the doors and exits on the left where we have openings.
The question is, is the flow evenly distributed throughout the building or only through some areas?

chimney effect ventilation cottage

Natural Ventilation in an English Cottage in Summer and Winter Conditions

Understanding stack effect (or chimney effect) is extremely important for building design, as it creates natural ventilation caused by air infiltration. In this project, the ventilation of an English Cottage is analyzed in winter and summer conditions. The ventilation is designed to make maximum use of passive ventilation to reduce energy consumption and noise of mechanical HVAC units. Check it out now.

natural ventilation earth tube ventilation

Atrium Ventilation with Earth Tubes

This project aims to prove how earth tubes can be used to create natural ventilation in an atrium, and achieve an acceptable level of thermal comfort. Earth Tubes are passive devices that capture constant subterranean temperature in order to cool down a warmer zone. Learn more now.

cross ventilation

Cross-Ventilation Flows for a Generic Isolated Building

Cross ventilation (also known as Wind Driven Ventilation) is a natural method of cooling, and falls under the category of natural ventilation. This project assesses the ventilation effectiveness of a room due the interaction between the exterior and the interior of a building under constant wind velocity.

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Natural Ventilation Resources

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natural ventilation auditorium

Nabtaker is using CFD with SimScale to verify thermal comfort in Qatar University’s auditorium

“The fact that we could run several simulations in parallel in the cloud with 96 cores using SimScale saved us a huge amount of time in the first stage of this project.”
natural ventilation customer success story 2

Thermo-Consult optimized a cleanroom for an electron microscope with SimScale

“As a small company specialized in industrial HVAC, it is essential for us to improve our competitiveness through innovative know-how like computational fluid dynamics. SimScale’s competitive pricing model enables us to be involved in this sector. Thanks to our CFD study with SimScale, we were able to create an optimal and very sophisticated HVAC system for an extremely sensitive cutting-edge lab equipment.”
Disposable Pump from Quantex

Quantex used SimScale to test and optimize the design of its disposable pumps

“At Quantex, the SimScale platform gives us access to powerful tools, in an economic package. The support is outstanding and helps add the most value to our engineering capabilities.”
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