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SimScale Summer Breeze Roundup: Contest Finalists!

BlogAbout SimScaleSimScale Summer Breeze Roundup: Contest Finalists!

The Summer Breeze Contest focused on supporting the SimScale community members with a chance to enter the spotlight with their simulation skills. Many of our community members are students and academicsts, who will be soon looking to step foot into their careers. Applying to jobs and internships is much easier with clear visual evidence of what you can do, and with guidance from experienced partners that have been through it all before. For this reason, we began our annual Summer Breeze Contest; to make sure budding engineers have what they need to go on and create their own successes.

SimScale Summer Breeze Contest

The Top Simulations this Summer

For Summer 2019, the topic on focus was ventilation, including natural, forced or even a combination of both. SimScale is seeing more and more simulations for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market, as clients look to optimize their system designs, create comfortable indoor environments, and boost overall efficiency. For this reason, we felt ventilation would be a great topic—especially during the hot Summer months!

So which were the best projects? We’re pleased to announce our shortlist of the three finalists for the SimScale Summer Breeze Contest 2019:

Runner Up: Garage Ventilation Analysis

Varseyka’s simulation evaluates the heating of a garage by a cylindrical heating element and air-blower. This project takes the third-place position for this contest! The project is a successful analysis of airflow and heat transfer, visualizing temperatures and magnitude in the different areas of the room. It also shows how SimScale simulations can easily be exported for post-processing in additional programs.

CFD simulation of ventilation in server room

View the project here.

Runner Up: Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Server Room

Deepakdatarta97 is right, server rooms need to keep a steady temperature to protect their sensitive hardware! His conjugate heat transfer analysis of the server room and its solid components is a successful demonstration of how heat is transferred and how it affects the precious servers. We particularly like the fact the description includes how this simulation can be used to optimize future design and planning of natural ventilation systems—clearly a business-minded engineer!

CFD simulation of wind field over city landscape

View the project here.

And the Winner Is… CFD in an Operating Theater!

With such attention to detail, defined direction and goals, and excellent simulations, ROHIT_SR was the clear winner this year! His project is a great example of how to evaluate flow simulation in design optimization. Comparing duct designs based on convection heat transfer and incompressible flow, he gained precise results which can be used to optimize ventilation in an operating theater. From the in-depth descriptions of the project and each step of the simulation to the CAD and mesh setup and results, ROHIT_SR really demonstrates a high level of HVAC and simulation understanding and delivers it with clean precision. Hats off!

CFD analysis operating theater

Take a look at the winning project here.

A Different Kind of Trophy

Not only will these top three simulators receive professional certifications from SimScale, we will make sure people hear about it! Our three finalists will have their projects promoted across the web and social media channels. Experienced members from the SimScale recruitment team will also lend their advice and support with a free review of your CV or resume so you can enter any new challenge with confidence.

And, for our winner this year, in addition to the above-mentioned guidance and support, plus extra praise and mentions across our channels, a SimSwag bag of goodies is ready to be on its way to you! Stay tuned: Our team will be contacting each finalist individually.

Thank You!

SimScale thanks everyone who got involved in the contest this Summer. Special shout out to this apartment ventilation study  which would be a great example of CFD analysis if the simulation runs were successful—we really enjoyed the description! 

Make sure to keep an eye out for further competitions coming up in the near future. Let us know what topics you’d like to see! Contact us on the forum, in comments on social media or directly via email at:

If you enjoyed this blog article, check out our other contest winner post, First Place Winner Roundup: SimScale Community Contest 2019, and stay tuned for our next contest! 


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