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SimScale is a cloud-based CAE /simulation platform for HVAC that lets you simulate, share, and collaborate in a community of 70 000 enabling you to virtually test, analyze, and optimize designs.

 HVAC Equipment

Analyze and optimize the design of air conditioning, heating, ventilation systems, fans, ducts, blowers, air curtains, exhaust hoods, and more.

Cooling and heating

Ensure the performance of cooling and heating equipment in residential buildings but also electronics packaging, server rocks, engines or data centers.

Ensured thermal

Predict thermal comfort in residential areas, offices and passengers cabins via air temperature, velocity, radiant temperature.

Air quality and
contamination control

Predict fire or smoke propagation for safety control in tunnels, subway stations, parking garages and ensure air quality in healthcare facilities or laboratories.


Reduce energy supply for HVAC systems via better ducting, fan or cooling unit placement and support energy efficiency certification for buildings and products.

Environmental flows and atmospheric dispersion

Predict pedestrians' comfort, reduce contaminant dispersal from chemical stacks, and predict wind loads on external buildings or structures.

Case study

Improve the Flow Rate of a Ventilation System by 40%

The increase in energy prices, environmental consciousness, and the associated demand to enhance efficiency are topics within the building design of single and multi-family houses. Learn how Austrian company IBEEE used SimScale to design a more efficient passive ventilation system for houses and achieved 40% improvement in the flow rate.

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SimScale Community gives you access to completed public simulation projects for free. Use the project
setup as a template and perform Fluid Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, and Thermal analyses.
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Ben Lewis

I loved the fact that I could do the simulations I needed to do in a browser. I started working without installing any software. Using any computer I could upload the model and start the analysis. That was the big “wow” moment.

Ben Lewis
President at Custom Machines

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