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SimScale, Onshape & migenius Partner with PERRINN on Project 424

BlogAbout SimScaleSimScale, Onshape & migenius Partner with PERRINN on Project 424

Founded in 2011 by Formula One engineer Nic Perrin, Project 424 is on a mission to be the world’s first open access all-electric and autonomous world endurance prototype racing car. The unique concept blends cutting-edge design with autonomous drive technology and machine learning, with the aim of competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans—one of the most grueling, and certainly the most famous, endurance races in the world.

The project is unique in its open, democratic approach, with a focus on collaborative design, global networks, and cloud-based technology. The entire design of the PERRINN Project 424 car is publicly accessible and available to view online. This makes it the perfect fit for SimScale’s innovative cloud-based simulation technology.

A 3D render of the Project 424 race car
A 3D rendering of the Project 424 race car

Cloud Technology Partners for Project 424

SimScale joined 3D CAD software provider Onshape and Melbourne-based 3D renderer migenius as brand technology partners for the project. All three partners will form an integral part of Project 424’s overall development. SimScale’s integration with Onshape will allow the Project 424 team to validate and test every aspect of the race car’s design on a virtual model before any physical prototype is produced.

We are delighted to be partnering with Onshape, SimScale, and migenius as they mirror the project’s openly accessible and collaborative values. Their services and contributions will be integral to the success of Project 424 and we are confident that the knowledge generated and shared will enable these innovative companies to develop even more of their own cutting-edge products.

– Nic Perrin, Founder PERRINN

Measuring the aerodynamic efficiency of the Project 424 race car with SimScale
Results of a CFD simulation with SimScale measuring the aerodynamic efficiency of the PERRINN LMP race car

A New Way of Working

Project 424 marks an exciting collaboration, and a very different way of working in an industry that traditionally guards its secrets very closely. So why the open approach? For PERRINN, the answer is simple. Much like open-source software, transparent projects are proven to be the most effective way to bring together a range of experts in collaborating to solve a complex challenge. Designing a race car is already a complicated process in itself, however, Project 424 will also bring in autonomous and machine learning capabilities, a momentous challenge which aims to allow the car to respond to human inputs, and eventually drive itself around the track.

Project 424 is an exciting endeavor as Nic is setting up a development process for a complex technical product starting from a clean sheet of paper. The Project 424 software stack will enable a decentralized team to seamlessly collaborate and take advantage of practically unlimited computing power. We’re excited to contribute to the success of the project with cloud-based finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation!

– David Heiny, CEO, SimScale

A 3D rendering of the Project 424 powertrain
A 3D rendering of the Project 424 powertrain

New Project, Old Friends

This is not the first time SimScale have collaborated with the PERRINN team. In 2015,  Nic Perrin was the special guest in a series of SimScale workshops and webinars, taking an in-depth look at the aerodynamics at play with F1 cars. In the 5-week course, attendants had the opportunity to conceptualize, test and refine a design for an F1 car. In the first session, Nic provided a comprehensive overview of the design and aerodynamic properties of the PERRINN F1 race car and spurred the curiosity of attendants by answering questions. You can check out what he had to say here.

If you’d like to learn more about Project 424, you can access their website here. To read more about how Project 424 is accelerating digital design and engineering with cloud-based partners, find the official press release here.


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