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2016: A Year in Review for SimScale

Andreea Zaharia
BlogAbout SimScale2016: A Year in Review for SimScale

SimScale Year in Review

It’s that time of the year again when we reflect on everything that happened in the past 12 months. We acknowledge the things we’re proud of and think about what we could have done better while setting new goals for the year ahead.

Throughout the year, we tend to place the bar quite high for ourselves, so we never have enough time to celebrate our achievements. Instead, we get over-excited with all the other things that could be done! But now, reflecting on everything and reading the feedback from our users, we are happy to look back and acknowledge all the positive things that happened in 2016. We couldn’t wish for more—being voted as the number 1, top-reviewed simulation software on Capterra and CrowdReviews is the best reward we could ask for! We would like to say a big “Thank You” to all of you who have supported SimScale throughout the year!

At SimScale, we love numbers, so we thought that there is no better way to celebrate than summarizing 2016 using a bit of math:

23,000 New Users

SimScale was founded in 2012, with the ambitious mission to empower engineers, designers, and scientists around the world develop their products better, faster, and more cost-efficiently by giving them access to CAE technology in the cloud.

Since then, many simulation experts, students, and beginners have joined our journey, reaching 80,000 users in total this year.

15 379 New High-Quality Public Projects

The Public Projects Library is filled with simulation knowledge. This is where you can find simulation projects performed by the SimScale engineers and our Community users, which you can copy and use as templates for your own design and specifications.

From car or airplane aerodynamics analysis to conjugate heat transfer in a heat exchanger and structural simulations of valves, pipes, and electronics, you can find any type of simulation you need. Just browse through this popular projects database.

15 New Features Added to the SimScale Platform

Our engineers work really hard to make SimScale easy to use and add the simulation features you need for your projects. And although this year is ending, our efforts are continuing in 2017 with many more releases planned!

Here are the biggest features of 2016:

9 Simulation Workshops

In our journey to bring simulation technology in the hands of every engineer on the planet, we are constantly creating new learning content to help them become proficient with SimScale as fast as possible. Besides documentation, step-by-step tutorials, and support, we organize workshops for the most popular topics suggested by our users. Let’s have a look at this year’s highlights:

Discover all SimScale’s workshops recordings here.

15 Simulation Webinars

Organized at SimScale or together with our consulting and technical partners, this year’s webinars were focused on helping our users create better products using different tools that reduce the design time and result in a higher quality product. Here are a few of the recordings:

Watch all SimScale recorded webinars here.

Also, if you’re interested in the topic, this on-demand webinar on HVAC simulation—organized in partnership with HPAC Engineering—is available for free!

10 Consulting Partners

Sometimes you come across a project that requires specific domain know-how, more experience with a new analysis type, or simply more hands on deck. To help you cope with these projects, we have started the SimScale Consulting Partner Program by collaborating with engineering companies that have a high technical expertise. Specializing in a wide range of different industries, they can help you get even the toughest job done.

Rapidly increasing, our program currently has 10 companies. You can discover them on our website.

> than 10 Top Publications Have Written about SimScale

This year we got to know better the people behind some of the most popular magazines and blogs for engineers worldwide, and we’d like to thank them for their hard work, dedication, and interest in our product. It means so much to us to have our work acknowledged by the industry’s top writers and editors.

Among the publications writing about SimScale in 2016, we can name Desktop Engineering, which featured SimScale in an article about Cloud HPC, included SimScale in the article “Current overview of simulation technology”, insideHPC covered the news about our Academic Program, we made it to the Eureka Design Analysis Software Spotlight, Make Magazine Germany featured the workshop we organized together, EE Times published an article about thermal management and electronics cooling, and many more.

Autodesk + SimScale = Awesome Integration

After the successful launch of the connector app for Onshape last year, which allowed our users to have a more seamless workflow between the design and virtual testing phase, we also collaborated in 2016 with the Autodesk team to launch an add-in allowing all the Fusion 360 users to easily upload their 3D CAD models directly to SimScale.

With the help of the add-in, which can be downloaded for free directly from the Autodesk App Store for both Windows and Mac OS, you can create your model on Autodesk Fusion 360. With just a few clicks, you can push your geometry to an existing project on SimScale without having to leave the application or to deal with cumbersome format conversions when saving the file. Learn more about it in on the Autodesk website.

Community 2.0

The SimScale CAE Community was upgraded to a new look and feel, making it easier for you to collaborate with peers and get involved.

Students + Educators + SimScale = SimScale Academic Program

Earlier this month, we launched the SimScale Academy, a new learning platform that offers on-demand courses by top instructors about engineering simulation.

For educators, tutorials and resources for learning how to use SimScale and bring it into the classroom are now easily accessible. We’ve also partnered with Onshape to create a three-week “Add-on” curriculum. Complete with lesson plans, homework assignments, and student assessments, this curriculum focuses on using finite element analysis and the SimScale platform to analyze, optimize, and improve product designs.

A special Academic Plan is also available for qualified students, researchers, and educators who need to create private projects.

With more than 200 colleges, universities and schools already using SimScale, the Academic Program aims to turn students into simulation experts.

1327,5479 km x 2 for Develop3D Live and Engineering Design Show

This year, SimScale was present at Develop3D Live conference and Engineering Design Show in the UK—and it was wonderful! We were happy to meet with some of our customers and users. We also got to know engineers interested in simulation, while learning more about their needs and how SimScale became a part of their daily work. We look forward to more events like these!


So here it is, this year in review, with its most important events. A big THANK YOU from our team to all who contributed to bringing SimScale closer to its potential! See you in 2017 with lots of energy to create the best products we possibly can!

SimScale’s CEO David Heiny tests the capabilities of the platform to solve a real-life engineering problem. Fill in the form and watch this free webinar to learn more!


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