SimScale Professional Training

On-demand Online Training to get started with FEA, CFD, and Thermal Analysis on SimScale

Learn how to use SimScale for CFD, FEA and Thermal Analysis like a Professional in just 2 Weeks. For only 500€

The “SimScale Professional Training” is designed as an introductory course for CAE professionals with the goal of teaching you how to use SimScale for CFD, FEA or Thermal Analysis. With its on-demand structure, this training will fit into your busy schedule, giving you the flexibility you need. Your personal SimScale engineers will guide you through the simulation courses and will be available for questions at any time so you can work at your own pace.

Each course gives you on-demand access to multiple video sessions over a period of 2 weeks. After every session, you will have the chance to ask questions and give feedback to your instructor and to take a short quiz for deepening your knowledge. At the end of the course, you will have the possibility to take a 90 minute exam to assess your knowledge and receive a certificate.

All you need to attend is a computer with working Internet connection and basic knowledge of Physics and CAD modeling.

The SimScale Professional Trainings are the fastest way to get started with engineering simulation and become proficient with the SimScale cloud-based simulation platform.
Finite Element Analysis

Course 1: Solid Mechanics / FEA

Introduction to the theory and practice of FEA

The Solid Mechanics / FEA course will give you a detailed overview of SimScale’s capabilities with a main focus on creating accurate structural simulations and interpreting the results. After the professional training, you will be able to use FEA as a tool in your daily design and engineering work. The content includes:

  • Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis
  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Dynamic Structural Analysis
  • Advanced Analyses such as Vibration and Contact Mechanics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Course 2: Fluid Dynamics/ CFD

Introduction to the theory and practice of CFD

The Fluid Dynamics/ CFD course takes you step-by-step from theory to practical application, teaching you the workflow and best practices for different flow simulation types. After this training, you’ll be able to leverage SimScale for solving fluid flow problems and design better products. The content includes:

  • Fundamentals of CFD
  • Incompressible and Compressible Flows
  • Turbulence
  • Advanced Analyses (Multiphase, Rotating Machinery and Porous Media Models)

Thermal Analysis

Course 3: Thermal Analysis

Introduction to the theory and practice of Thermal Analysis

With the Thermal Analysis course, you will get a detailed overview on how to predict and optimize heat transfer taking place within solids, liquids, and their interfaces. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to set up your own thermal simulations using SimScale to design better products and faster. The content includes:

  • Fundamentals of Thermal Analysis
  • Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
  • Advanced Analyses such as Conjugate Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress Simulations