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MetalGenTech, founded in 2008, is an engineering service company specialized in fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and electromagnetics with a strong metallurgical background. We provide the proper solutions for our customers in terms of process optimization, quality control, and design engineering in various industrial fields, especially in metal production plants.

MetalGenTech is also putting the core competencies into the innovative product development such as creative baffle systems for power plants in order to trap dust, active electric steam traps for preventing steam leakage, and other clever design components.

With experience in linear and nonlinear, structural, thermal, dynamic, flow, electromagnetic, solidification and coupled physics, MetalGenTech collaborates with companies operating in the following industry verticals: Ferrous & Nonferrous Metals, Shipbuilding, Environment, and more.

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See the company’s expertise:

  • Ironmaking
    Thermal flow for tuyere in blast furnace
    Thermoelastic behavior of stave
    Ore behavior in rotary kiln
  • Refining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    Thermal stress analysis of refractory
    Thermal flow of molten metal in melting furnace and steelmaking vessels (KR, converter, ladle, VD and RH)
    Mixing analysis in molten metal vessels
    Molten metal and slag behavior analysis in EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) including bottom bubbling and tapping
    Engineering design simulator for EAF development
    Technical consulting for cleanliness improvement
  • Casting
    Dam profile design for tundish
    Molten steel flow and solidification analysis for a continuous casting process
    Immersion nozzle design for casting process
    Electromagnetic flow behavior analysis for EMS in mold and strand
    Prediction of inclusions distribution
    Cooling water channel design in casting mold
    Lost foam and die casting
  • Environment
    Flow analysis of triton artificial reef
    Ventilation/Deodorization analysis
    Combustion of coal burner
    Plasma gasification furnace
    Thermal flow analysis in SOFC and MCFC
    Wind loads to heavy crane
Image2 Temperature Distribution of Cu Slab Furnace
Image1 Stress Distribution of Turbo Charger Shaft 1