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  • Employee Spotlight – Andrew Acuff

    Lisa Widmann
    BlogLife At SimScaleEmployee Spotlight – Andrew Acuff

    Happy Wednesday, everyone! Continuing our employee spotlight series on our Life at SimScale blog, we would like to introduce you to Andrew Acuff who joined SimScale almost 2 years ago as an Account Executive in the United States. Keep reading as he shares great insights into what makes him proud to be a SimScaler and what driving on the autobahn in Germany has to do with it!

    Name: Andre Acuff

    From: United States

    Position: Account Executive

    Time at SimScale: 2 years

    andrew in a gray shirt hiking

    Andrew, what made you join the team? 

    I had a colleague from a previous company reach out when the opportunity came up. Once I looked at what SimScale does and learned that I could be a part of something that is so forward-thinking and at the forefront of innovation, it was really exciting. I wanted to be part of something that was shaping the future. I didn’t grow up very tech native, but I’ve developed a very deep interest in technology and how it’s moving the world forward. To have the opportunity to join a company that’s shaping the future was really exciting!

    How would you describe your learning curve? 

    It was definitely a challenge to adjust. It’s not just a new space but new terminology and new systems; everything was so foreign to what I was doing in the past and to what I was used to. Working with a company and being surrounded by people who were willing to help, especially the North American team and our engineers, helped me tremendously. It was definitely a challenge coming into a new space, so I was really thankful to have teammates and leadership who saw the potential in me and had the patience to see that come to life. And I learned every day, especially the first year which was harder than graduate school, but looking back it instilled in me a lot of confidence, not just as a professional. If I can learn this, I can learn anything!

    What keeps you going every day?

    The belief that I’m helping these businesses, our customers. I come from a background in psychology and public mental health and it’s really important to me that what I’m doing is benefiting others. And what we do really helps revolutionize others’ businesses— we help them to optimize and grow! I get to help our customers while at the same time representing all the hard work that our colleagues do in the background. We have an amazing company and great people and I’m happy to show that in the best light and get SimScale out in the best way possible.

    Andrew is the consummate sales professional. He’s driven and competitive; yet, he’s a team player and respects his colleagues. He’ll roll up his sleeves and help with whatever the team requires. Mature and fair, his integrity is without question.

    Tim George, Director of Sales North America

    What has been your biggest contribution at SimScale? 

    I hope that I brought a unique perspective. I’ve been in startups and working in sales for a long time and I understand the complexity that comes with working in such an environment. We are very tech-forward and with our simulation platform comes a lot of engineering and tech expertise. I understand that things are fluid and we have to be dynamic as team members, and I would like to think I brought a very human element to this highly technical environment.

    What makes you proud to be a SimScaler?

    I’m really proud to work with such a diverse company and multidisciplinary team that is spread across the globe. We have people in so many countries with so many backgrounds and to be part of a global team, I’m really proud to contribute my part to that.

    “When I was a little kid, being really into cars, and coming from a small town with the dream to travel, getting to come to the headquarters in Munich at least once a year was a dream come true. The first year I came over, I rented a really nice German car and drove down the Autobahn. I teared up with joy. That small-town kid would be so proud! Getting to live out your dreams of working for an international company, challenging yourself to go out of your comfort zone, to chase this dream of something big, and getting to experience all of this was very profound for me.”

    Andre Acuff, Account Executive

    And last but not least Andrew, what are you looking forward to? 

    I’m excited about our annual SimSummit event in July! To come over to Munich and see the teammates that I only get to interact with virtually most of the time. I’m excited about each Schnitzel that I’ll eat. As a company, I’m excited about what potential is ahead; our partnerships with our customers and other innovative tech companies, being on the bleeding edge of technology. All of the work we’re doing in AI. What I’m looking forward to are the things that haven’t even happened yet, all of the potential both as a company but also as a technology. To be a part of this huge innovative revolution that no one really knows where it’s going to end up! 

    Thank you for all of your great contributions, Andrew! We are so excited to have you on the team!

    Stay tuned for more insights into SimScale and see what the team has been up to on our @lifeatsimscale Instagram feed. Want to start your own SimScale story? Make sure to keep an eye on our careers page for possible openings!

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