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Go With the Flow Challenge Winners

BlogCFDGo With the Flow Challenge Winners

The Go with the Flow Challenge was kicked off last month and was the first in a series of challenges that we will be hosting to let SimScale users showcase their projects. The January 4, 2016 deadline has since passed and we are excited to announce our 3 winners and their projects.

Go with the Flow Challenge winners aircraft landing gear cfd analysis simulation

The emphasis of the challenge was on CFD with the following requirements:

  • Create a unique CFD simulation project in the public projects library. It could be anything from airflow around a wind turbine to wake development behind a boat to air conditioning in an office space.
  • Post-process the results of your simulation online or locally on your machine using Paraview.
  • Post all results, post-processing images, and other analysis considerations in the project comments.

Participants were also asked to tag their projects with GO WITH THE FLOW in the description so that they were easily searchable. All of these challenge projects are still available in the library of Public Projects for the Community.

Announcing the Go with the Flow Challenge winners

Let’s have a look at the winners.

1st Place: Aerodynamics of a LMP1 Racing Car

LMP1 racing car simulation with SimScale Aerodynamics analysis

In this project, SimScale user @roozbehmousavi, investigated the aerodynamics of a LMP1 racing car designed by the Nikolas Perrinn‘s team as well as the draft and overtaking conditions of two cars. The results of the project and his fantastic post-processing images can be viewed here.

2nd Place: Cooled Down Flow Through a Pipe

Cooled Down Flow Through a Pipe cfd simulation

In this project by SimScale user @varsey, the flow with polynomial transport properties is being cooled down from the middle section wall of the pipe with a porous zone. Check out the rest of the project and results here.

3rd Place: Fluid Flow Through Y Tubing

fluid flow through Y Tube cfd simulation

In this project, SimScale user @cbabua has analyzed how fluid flows through Y tubing. Follow along with the results here.

Congratulations to all of our winners. We’ll be announcing another Challenge in the next week focusing on drones, so stay tuned!

Download this case study for free to learn how the SimScale CFD platform was used to investigate a ducting system and optimize its performance.


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