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Luminaire Design & LED Fixture Simulation

Thermal Simulation of Lighting Designs to Achieve Higher Performance

Luminaire design cooling, aka LED cooling, is becoming increasingly important for LED performance, and LED lighting fixture solutions as a popular modern electronics product. SimScale is here to help, with cloud-based thermal analysis software that is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere. From your web browser, run a thermal simulation of luminaire designs to engineer more reliable and higher-performing lighting solutions faster.

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Gain in-Depth Thermal Insights for Your Luminaire Design

As LED fixtures and eco-friendly lighting solutions require stricter operating conditions and employment of LED cooling strategies, therefore, thermal analysis is increasingly needed in the early design phase. Thermal simulation results inform important design decisions such as:

  • Heat sink design and surface finishing
  • PCB choice, chip cooling strategies, and LED spacing
  • Thermal grease and material choice
  • Fan sizing or LED passive cooling
  • And much more!

These help decrease junction temperatures, and improves LED cooling. As a result, your LED lighting fixture design or lighting solution will benefit from higher optical performance and lifetime while decreasing material costs, resources, and simulation time investment.

Customer Success & Electronics Cooling Example Projects

Countless companies use SimScale’s cloud-based electronics cooling simulation to iterate and optimize their led lighting fixture designs. Check out our public projects, or learn more about how to perform LED cooling simulations and thermal analysis with SimScale.

thermal simulation for lighting design

Simple Setup For Your LED Lighting Fixture Design

No local install or hardware are required to use SimScale. The whole simulation workflow runs in a web browser. Simply get started by uploading your native CAD file.

An intuitive user interface and world-class customer support will help you get the job done; for even your most complicated luminaire designs, allowing for a quick iterative process to get your lighting solutions to market faster than ever before.

Learn More About LED Lighting Fixture Design and Electronics Cooling Simulation

Optimize Your Luminaire Design Today, and Get Started With SimScale.

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