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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Simulation in the Cloud

Empower every designer to innovate faster.

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AEC Simulation in the Cloud | Construction & Architecture

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Simulation: Accurate and Accessible from Anywhere

SimScale resources and capabilities for architecture and construction professionals:

simulation testing ventilation strategy to mitigate COVID-19

Internal AEC Simulation: Optimize Your Ventilation for COVID Mitigation Strategies

Learn how to quickly set up and run an airflow simulation for indoor environments using SimScale’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tools.

Additionally, find out how to test various ventilation strategies and evaluate design options to mitigate against a simulated pollutant or virus such as COVID-19.

Upcoming Webinar Events: Simulation for Architecture and Construction

On-Demand AEC Content & Videos

thornton tomasetti digital wind tunnel using simscale api integration

Unlock Unlimited AEC Potential With SimScale’s API Capabilities

Check out Thornton Tomasetti’s API-enabled success story here.

“The digital wind tunnel app created by the CORE Studio Group is a CFD app using wind simulations for urban developments and looking particularly at PWC, structural wind loading, facade pressures, and integrating these analysis types into our digital design workflows. The app is really for the larger pool of engineers who might not be CFD experts but can run a quick simulation without leaving the rhino design environment.”

Jeroen Janssen, Associate Director at Thornton Tomasetti

zaha hadid case study simulation

Early-Stage AEC Design Simulation for Architects With Zaha Hadid

Check out some of our AEC customers’ sustainable building design success stories. “If there is an architect that comes to you with a geometry in the morning, you can get the building ready for simulation in one or two hours, get the results after lunch and have time to go through a process of changes, according to the results. So in one day, we are able to optimize. The results we get from SimScale help us quickly understand how a building is going to behave and what kind of impact the building geometry will have on the surrounding space.” Zaha Hadid Architects

aec simulation success smith and gill use simscale to boost innovation and validate their designs

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture Boosted Innovation and Design Confidence With SimScale

Check out the full AEC success story here.

“When we began using SimScale, we were able to shorten our CFD simulation feedback loop, which in turn allowed us to iterate and evaluate many design options at the earliest design phases of our projects. This proved to be particularly innovative because design changes during this time have the potential for the biggest impact on performance. The more our design team can test and make decisions based on these simulations directly translates to more confidence in meeting the project’s performance goals as well as desired design outcomes.”

Anthony Viola AIA, Architect at

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

aec cpd from simscale

AEC Certification From SimScale: Simulation for Environmental Design CPD

The Simulation for Environmental Design CPD by SimScale is an introduction to the topic with an emphasis on early-stage design and the use of specialist modeling tools. The CPD covers the importance and need for simulation tools: both for performance and compliance. If you are an architect: engineer: or work in sustainability: this CPD will illustrate simulation for urban microclimate: thermal comfort and air quality. To get in touch with our team directly, email us here.

outdoor thermal comfort white paper featured

External AEC White Paper: Simulating Outdoor Thermal Comfort

Performing external comfort calculations using engineering simulation on the cloud.

Outdoor thermal comfort assessments are increasingly used in the design of buildings and cities. Traditionally, evaluating the wind component of the Universal Thermal Comfort Index (UTCI) is dependent on on-premise CFD software that takes days or weeks to simulate. This white paper describes how simulation on the cloud, using Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) accelerated physics is a leap forward in evaluating outdoor comfort and heat island reduction strategies for architects and engineers.

The following and exclusive guide from SimScale provides essential tips for architects, engineers, and designs working towards creating a smart built environment with modern innovative engineering simulation solutions. Download now to find out more!

simulation for aec white paper

CFD, FEA, and Thermal Analysis Software for Architecture and Construction Professionals

SimScale enables you to design, optimize, and validate, while cloud-based simulation gives unmatched flexibility to both owners and contractors in order to meet their goals.

This massively reduces the risks related to cost increases, project extensions, and design change requests. Strengthening the relationship between design and construction; 3D modeling and cloud-based simulations are now key components of the AEC engineering workflow.

Used in the research for sustainable buildings and other physical structures all over the world, as well as supporting smart built environment engineering, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation has become essential for architects and engineers to maintain a competitive edge. In this white paper, discover the top tips for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals.

simulation of wind flow around blocks

The Building Design Process: Simulation at Every Step

“Architects, engineers, and professionals in the construction industry face mounting pressure to achieve low-energy, low-carbon benchmarks while keeping costs consistent. Digital transformation is the only way forward. Optimal building design is best reached, quickly and cost-effectively, by leveraging new technologies. An emerging class of analytical tools, powered by high-performance cloud computing, building modeling, and simulation have reached new heights of speed and accuracy, enhancing the building design process with new insights and improving collaborative workflows. Cloud-native solutions, offered as a SaaS business model, open up the world of simulation to firms of all sizes, working on projects of any scale…” 

AEC Articles & Blogs From SimScale

Airflow around Singapore
Crane stress analysis
Airflow around a building
Concrete flow pressure
Crane hook elastoplastic analysis
Airflow around Singapore
Elastomer pad stress results
Frequency analysis of Olympia Tower in Munich

Additional Capabilities for Design Simulation In Construction and Building Performance Modeling:

  • Construction material analysis
  • Vibrations
  • Flow simulation (air, water, gas, etc.)
  • Gas distribution
  • Pressure & velocity fields
  • Temperature analysis
  • Nodal & elemental stress
  • Natural eigenfrequencies
  • MRF zone for rotation

CAE for Architecture & Construction Projects

SimScale Features & Benefits

Learn more about our cloud-based capabilities, and how SimScale can automate and customize internal and external AEC designs with scalable simulation.