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SimScale CPD: Simulation for Environmental Design

A Free CPD From SimScale Certified by The CPD Certification Service

The Simulation for Environmental Design CPD by SimScale is an introduction to the topic with an emphasis on early-stage design and the use of specialist modeling tools. The CPD covers the importance and need for simulation tools: both for performance and compliance. If you are an architect, engineer or work in sustainability, this CPD will illustrate simulation for urban microclimate: thermal comfort and air quality. To get in touch with our team directly, email us here.

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Receive a CPD Certification From SimScale

cpd certification from simscale for aec professionals

Who Is This CPD Learning Designed for?

Professionals who deal with environmental design.

  • Architects
  • Sustainability consultants 
  • Building engineer and designers 
  • Contractors
  • Building performance consultants
cpd credit for aec through simscale thermal comfort simulation

CPD Learning Objectives from SimScale

Attendees will receive a certificate of CPD credit, and become well versed in the following:

  • To understand what Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is. 
  • To learn about the different applications and uses of CFD software in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).
  • To see examples of where CFD has influenced the design of a building, especially at the early stages.
  • To learn how CFD can be used to model and simulate the external and internal environment, specifically the urban microclimate, indoor thermal comfort, and air quality.
  • To understand how CFD can be used to demonstrate compliance with building rating systems, standards, and regulations.
  • To understand the difference between a model and a simulation.
cpd certification for aec using simscale cloud-based simulation

SimScale’s CPD Course Agenda

Simulation for Environmental Design

  1. SimScale introduction
  2. Learning Objectives 
  3. Why this is Important
  4. What is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 
  5. Why use CFD in early-stage design
  6. Urban Microclimate
  7. Thermal Comfort and Air Quality
  8. Compliance  
  9. References and Further Reading
  10. Feedback

To get in touch with our team directly, email us here.

Receive a CPD certification with SimScale, and learn how to use cloud-based simulation to support sustainable design practice.

SimScale’s Cloud-Based Simulation Solution

cpd certification for aec professionals porous media animation

Unlimited high-performance computing & data management
Reduce simulation turnaround time and explore more designs by running unlimited simulations simultaneously

Proven simulation technology
Gain confidence in your results all within one simulation tool

Workflows & integration
Customize and automate your simulation workflows for more agile, remote, and broad simulation work

Collaboration & enterprise controls
Maintain central control over simulation quality and usage

Additional Resources: Documentation & Validation

  1. What is CFD | Computational Fluid Dynamics?
  2. Validation Case: Mean Age of Air in a Room
  3. Thermal Comfort Parameters

SimScale’s Features & Benefits Beyond CPD

Continue your professional development journey with SimScale.