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Queuing Simulations & Auto-contacts for Conjugate Heat Transfer | Product Update

BlogAbout SimScaleQueuing Simulations & Auto-contacts for Conjugate Heat Transfer | Product Update

This month’s product update is bringing two major new features to the workbench. Delivering on the promise made back in April when Automatic Contact Detection for FEM simulations was released, a similar contact detection mechanism is now also available for conjugate heat transfer (CHT) simulations. In addition, we shipped a neat little feature that aims to improve the workflow efficiency for all users. Find out more below.

What's New At SimScale? Queuing Simulations

Anyone who has been working late into the night to get their simulations to work will know this pain. Imagine you want to try another mesh setting, have just started your meshing run, and now have to wait for the meshing process to finish before the simulation run can be started. It’s past midnight, you have work the next day, and you have to stay online even later just to click a button. Here at SimScale, we are happy to report that these days are now a thing of the past.

Given that your simulation setup is complete, with SimScale it is now possible to queue a simulation run already before the assigned mesh has been successfully generated. Simply create a simulation run before the meshing run has been started or is already computing. We’ll automatically start the meshing job, or wait for the current run to finish, before starting the simulation job for you.

This will also work for a multitude of different meshes and simulation setup configurations. Watch the video below for an in-depth introduction.

Improving Conjugate Heat Transfer Automatic Contact Detection for CHT

If you have created a conjugate heat transfer (CHT) analysis on SimScale before, you will know that the definition of specific contact criteria between two faces or bodies was a tedious undertaking. For starters, it wasn’t clear which contacts actually existed or were resolved by the mesh. Defining specific contact criteria for more than a few contact pairs was time-consuming as each contact had to be defined individually. This became even more complex with the release of the new preview mesher, as now all contacts, not only the custom contacts, needed to be defined manually.

Fortunately, all of these problems have been laid to rest with our new Automatic Contact Detection for CHT mechanism. From now on, when creating a new conjugate heat transfer simulation, all contacts will automatically be detected and populated in the simulation setup tree. Individual contacts can be customized one by one or in bulk via a selection & filtering of included entities in the viewer, similar to how it already works in any FEM simulation. The platform will also warn about partial contacts in your geometry, meaning faces that are not congruent and need to be split (imprinted) in order to guarantee accurate heat transition. See a demonstration of the new workflow for conjugate heat transfer simulations below:

Check out this tutorial to learn how to evaluate electronics cooling designs using conjugate heat transfer analysis online with SimScale.

Stay tuned for more product updates to hit the workbench soon!


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