SimScale Platform Update 04/2015 — New FEA Material

The SimScale team is constantly working on enhancing the simulation capabilities of the SimScale platform to meet our user requirements and to make the simulation more simple, efficient and affordable. We really value your feedback. Therefore, we are excited to highlight a few additional features and resources from the latest SimScale platform update, that you have been asking for.

New FEA Material Models

The tendency of specific materials to progressively deform over time under constant load is called creep. Creep material models have been added to the solid mechanics analysis types on SimScale. They allow to simulate this phenomenon and therefore assess the long-term behavior of structures under constant loads. Pressure vessel simulation - SimScale Platform Update 04/2015 — New FEA Material

Material creep plays a role in the long-term behavior of pressure vessels

LES Turbulent Flow Simulation

The first Large Eddy Simulation (LES) capabilities have been made available for the simulation turbulent flows. The Smagorinsky and Spalart-Allmaras models are the first ones, but more are about to follow. Where the RANS (Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes) approach does model all scales of a turbulent flow, LES resolves some of the larger scales which allows higher-fidelity simulations but also implies larger computing times.LES turbulent flow simulation with SimScale
The turbulent wake structures behind a cylinder simulated using an LES model.

New Pricing Plans Available

To provide more flexibility to the SimScale users we have launched new pricing plans. The annual computing quota was the one requested the most frequently – you asked and we shipped. The new plans allow a more efficient usage of the available computing quota. See all details on the plan page or reach out to the SimScale sales team.

More Validation Projects

To ensure accurate results, the SimScale platform is constantly validated with numerous projects. Week by week, our engineers are adding more of them to increase the validation coverage. Lately, many of the projects have been made publicly available. This allows any SimScale user to import the projects he is interested in and to repeat the setup. The images below shows the Ahmed body, which is an aerodynamics validation scenario for external vehicle flow. The image in the middle shows the compressible flow through a Laval nozzle. The image on the right shows the Couette flow setup – a case used to validate rotating flow simulation capabilities.

Validation projects with SimScale
Examples of validation simulation projects – see all of them in the SimScale library.

We can’t wait to see, how you put all of these new features into work. And by the way: The next platform update is already underway!

If you want to take a look at the previously added features, this article will give you the highlights.

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