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Simulate Microclimate with Rhino® and SimScale Using the Nuada.CFD App

The Nuada.CFD app (beta) in Rhino is a microclimate modeling tool developed by Thornton Tomasetti and SimScale. Nuada.CFD is designed to allow architects and engineers to perform fast and powerful microclimate design simulations fully within Rhino.

The app uses the powerful CAD tools in Rhino® and integrates SimScale’s fast and accurate lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) solver Pacefish® for transient wind studies. Architects and engineers now have an easy-to-use and robust design tool for:

how to access and use the app

Users have access to industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software through a guided and easy-to-use interface in Rhino. Designers can complete all steps of the wind simulation without leaving the Rhino environment, including the setup of climate data and location, running the simulation, and visualization of results. The new app is ideal for:


Nuada.CFD works on a simple usage based pricing model and users are provided with a GPUh consumption estimate before running any simulation. By harnessing the SimScale API, Nuada.CFD runs all CFD simulations in the cloud thereby negating the need for expensive hardware.

The pricing for using the app is transparent and based on consumption:

Users who do not require technical support or collaboration features or more advanced analysis. If you need such advanced services, the SimScale online Pedestrian Wind Comfort module is the right solution.

The Nuada.CFD app is currently in beta and under development with limited functionality. Designers can now access the app and get started with their own projects in a few simple steps.