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Solutions for all your specific needs

Thousands of successful companies and engineers worldwide use SimScale for different applications. Find out how cloud-based CAE supports users through CFD, FEA, and thermodynamic analysis for a wide array of use cases.

Electronic Thermal Management

Discover how cloud-based thermal analysis from SimScale can help engineers predict and meet thermal operational limits of their designs.

Pedestrian Wind Comfort

Find out how cloud-based CFD can help you to iterate building designs quickly by evaluating ground-level wind effects, and meet industry standards.

Pipe Stress and Strain

See examples of pipe projects showing how material selection, placement, joints, bonding, and pipe fixtures react to external forces through FEA from SimScale.

Globe Valve

Learn how to conduct thermal shock analysis or calculate the valve flow coefficient of globe valves through CFD analysis from SimScale.

Cyclone Separator

See how to run a cyclone or particle separation simulation with SimScale, and shorten your design time.

Gate Valve

View simulation projects of water flow through a sluice, or gate valve design, and learn how to optimize your iterative design process.

Ball Valve

Learn how to improve your valve design from examples of CFD analyses of water flow through a ball valve.

Natural Ventilation

Explore HVAC designs that employ natural ventilation for ensuring indoor thermal comfort, which typically must meet specific regulatory standards.

Data Center Cooling

Find CFD simulations of commonly-used cooling systems, found in medium to large data centers.

Pump Impeller

Learn how to simulate and evaluate the behavior of a pump impeller, a rotating component of a pump device.

Freezing and Thawing Room

See how to avoid uncontrolled freezing and thawing rates, as well as maintain temperature stability through online simulation.

Mechanical Ventilation

Find out how blowers, ducts, fans, and filters can facilitate adequate air quality, and how CFD can bring valuable insights to your HVAC designs.

Pharmaceutical Mixing

See how CFD can help ensure consistent products with minimal batch times and energy use when selecting or designing blending equipment.

Commercial Ductwork & Industrial Ductwork Design

Explore how to reduce waste, cut costs, and improve efficiency of ductwork through iterative design and simulation.

Fume Extraction

Learn how to use simulation to optimize fume extraction systems, to keep occupants safe from airborne toxins, smoke, and steam.

Lighting Thermal Simulation

Understand how thermal simulations help to engineer higher-performing luminaire designs and lighting solutions.

Electronics Enclosure Cooling

The simulation of airflow and temperature within electronics enclosure helps to keep component operating temperatures in save levels.


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