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  • Employee Spotlight – Steven Lainé

    Sabrina Hannappel
    BlogLife At SimScaleEmployee Spotlight – Steven Lainé

    Happy Wednesday, everyone! We would like to introduce a new series on our Life at SimScale blog. In this employee spotlight, we speak with Steven, our Application Engineering Manager, who joined SimScale 3 years ago. We asked him what his biggest contribution at SimScale has been, what keeps him going, and what he is looking forward to moving forward!

    Name: Steven Lainé

    From: United Kingdom

    Position: Application Engineering Manager

    Time at SimScale: 3 years

    steven lainé

    “Steve is the colleague that everyone wishes to have. His management style is highly appreciated by his team and other departments without a doubt! I have always been impressed by the high quality deliverables from Steve in every initiative he takes. Steve is truly helping SimScale and everyone in the company to become better every day! We also all appreciate how committed he is to make SimScale a better place to work in by taking part in the ESG team.”

    Erwan Donat, Team Manager – Customer Success Department

    Steven, what has been your biggest contribution at SimScale?

    I feel that empowering my team of amazing Application Engineers and helping them to achieve their full potential is the most impactful thing that I can do for SimScale and for my team. Since joining SimScale, my biggest contribution, in my opinion, has been the transfer of knowledge to the Application Engineers.

    steve lainé

    Steve stands out as an exceptional team manager in my professional journey. His unwavering support, whether in granting autonomy or offering invaluable guidance during challenging moments, reflects his profound consideration for individuals. His proficiency in communicating our team’s objectives while encouraging collective excellence has consistently impressed me. Steve’s remarkable ability to collaborate across boundaries and maintain team’s focus on priorities serves as an inspiring mentorship for personal growth.

    Ajit, Senior Application Engineer on Steve’s team

    What keeps you going every day? 

    I am driven and encouraged every day to make SimScale the best that it can be for its customers and for its employees. One of the most satisfying parts of my job is when a potential new customer of SimScale is excited by what we offer and realizes the value that they can gain from using SimScale. As an Engineer with a Ph.D. in Materials Science, I find it really interesting to learn about how our customers would like to optimize their designs with simulation.

    What makes you proud to be a SimScaler?

    I am proud to be a SimScaler because I truly believe that we are providing an incredibly valuable software and service package to our customers. Furthermore, the working environment and culture at SimScale are amazing and I am truly proud to be part of it. Because SimScale is the first place that I have worked where you really feel like everyone is working together to make SimScale the best that it can be for our clients and for our employees.

    What made you join the team?

    The vision of SimScale to empower every engineer to innovate faster by making engineering simulation truly accessible at any scale was what really drew me to SimScale. Before joining SimScale, I was leading an Application Engineering team at one of the more traditional simulation providers and the vision of SimScale appealed to me. Once I met the team and founders at SimScale, I was sure that the work environment and culture was a perfect fit for my personality and values. With so many nationalities and cultures in SimScale, there is never a dull moment.

    What has been your highlight working at SimScale so far?

    I have recently started leading our partnership program and this is really rewarding for me because I love learning about all of the exciting new technologies that our partners are working on. Through this work, my personal highlight of working at SimScale so far was successfully developing a partnership relationship with our sales partner in Japan: Kozo Keikaku Engineering, Inc. to expand into the Japanese market. I traveled to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto to launch SimScale in Japan — this was an amazing experience personally and professionally. I find different cultures and travel really interesting, so this was a great highlight for me.

    What are you looking forward to?

    I am really looking forward to being part of the continued growth and development of SimScale. Since I joined 3 years ago, SimScale has implemented multiple new physics and capabilities which has given me the opportunity to learn and grow my knowledge in many different disciplines. Some of the upcoming developments on the SimScale platform are really exciting and I am looking forward to seeing how we can disrupt the traditional approach to engineering design and simulation.

    steve on top of a mountain

    Thank you for all of your great contributions, Steven! We are so excited to have you on the team!

    Stay tuned for more insights into SimScale and see what the team has been up to on our @lifeatsimscale Instagram feed. Want to start your own SimScale story? Make sure to keep an eye on our careers page for possible openings!

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