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Announcing the SimScale Community Contest 2019

Meg Jenkins
BlogAbout SimScaleAnnouncing the SimScale Community Contest 2019

New user? Advanced user? Professional user? Calling all SimScale enthusiasts, there is a new competition underway. All SimScale users from near and far are eligible to show off their Sim-skills including their simulation and post-processing abilities; within the SimScale community and beyond! Are you ready to be pitted against your peers in our SimScale Community Contest? On your mark, get set, simulate!

What is the SimScale Community Contest?

This year’s kick-off Community Contest asks participants to create a unique project related to one or more of the following industries:

Participants must include post-processed results as well as report on their findings in the comments of their project. The more descriptive, the better!

How Can I participate in the SimScale Community Contest

Entering the competition is simple!

  1. Create your public project, and include the tag “SimScaleContest2019” on or before Friday, 12th of April, 2019.
  2. Add a relevant project title, detailed description (introduction, simulation setup, results, and conclusion), and high-resolution post-processing images.
  3. Post and share your project across social media platforms, making sure to tag/mention SimScale and using the hashtag #SimScaleContest2019!
  4. Fill out this form to be considered for participation, and winning one of our prizes.


What’s stopping participants from creating multiple projects to compete in multiple categories? Nothing at all! You can submit as many projects as you want using the aforementioned steps; please note that you will have to fill out the form for each project submission. Let the games begin!

Projects created by a user within a paid license or professional test license are not eligible for submission. But never fear! These users can still participate by creating a free Community account and a public project. This way, the (online) playing field is even for all participants. Any edits or entries created after the submission deadline will no longer be considered in the competition.

In case you find yourself running out of core hours, but are close to finishing your project, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll try to help you out with some more computation power.

All projects that follow our competition guidelines will then be judged by our in-house team of simulation professionals. To learn about all of our winning criteria, more information can be found in the contest guidelines.

Need Inspiration?

This project looking at high-rise buildings in city blocks serves as a great example of what we are looking for in a winning project. The description, explanation of simulation steps, transcribed results, and simulation images are all very high quality.  This post-processing image is a prime example of the kind of quality desired:

Post-processing of community contest example project
This example of a post-processing image is showing pressure surface plots with stream tracers colored by velocity magnitude.

Still stuck? Check out our whole Public Projects Library for inspiration.

What Are the Prizes?

This year, the top projects will be eligible to win the following prizes:

The overall prize pool of 2000,- € is distributed as follows:

1st place prize within each industry category: 250,- €
2nd place prize within each industry category: 100,- €
3rd place prize within each industry category: 50,- €
4th place within each industry category: SimScale swag package

Project submission deadline: Friday, 12th of April, 2019

simscale community contest

All the details and guidelines for your participation can be found here.

Read about 2018’s  ‘Go With the Flow’ Community Contest and our past winners!  


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