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Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the broad usage of computer software in analyzing and virtually testing engineering products. With a CAE tool, you can simulate, validate, and optimize products based on the results of a numerical analysis.

CFD analysis of a ship propeller carried out with SimScale CFD software
CFD analysis of a ship propeller carried out with SimScale

CAE solutions are used in a wide range of industries to analyze the robustness and improve the performance of components and assemblies. At the same time, engineering simulation is the major support for design teams in product optimization.

Nowadays, an integration between CAD and CAE has become a necessary part of the everyday workflow for design engineers. Using the SaaS version of both solutions can reduce the differences, allowing the possibility of creating a CAD model and running engineering simulations with minimal effort.

A CAE simulation session generally includes three main phases:

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Main Benefits of CAE 

The main benefits offered by CAE/engineering simulation are:

Types of CAE Analyses

With CAE, there is a large spectrum of engineering simulation analysis types to consider, including:

Large Applicability of CAE

All these CAE tools are used in the simulation, validation, and optimization of products with applicability in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, plant engineering, industrial equipment, HVAC, electronics, and consumer goods.

Stress analysis of a skull with and without a helmet carried out with SimScale
Stress analysis of a skull with and without a helmet carried out with SimScale

Engineering simulation has a wide range of applications, from small components or products to complex appliances, plants, HVAC equipment, and heavy machines. Here are some examples from the SimScale Public Projects Library:

All the projects presented in this article can be imported into your own workspace from SimScale’s Public Projects and used as templates.

If you haven’t signed up for SimScale yet, you can create your free account here and see for yourself how 3D engineering simulation can help you increase the performance of your engineering activities in any industry.

The purpose of a helmet is to protect the person who wears it from a head injury during impact. In this project, the impact of a human skull with and without a helmet was simulated with a nonlinear dynamic analysis. Download this case study for free.

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