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Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the broad usage of computer software in analyzing and virtually testing engineering products. With a CAE tool, you can simulate, validate, and optimize products based on numerical analysis’ results.

ship propeller cfd simulation - CAE software SimScale

CAE solutions are used to analyze the robustness and to improve performance of components and assemblies. At the same time, engineering simulation is the major support for design teams in product optimization.

Nowadays, an integration between CAD and CAE has become necessary. Using the SaaS version of both solutions can reduce the differences, offering the possibility of creating a CAD model and run engineering simulations with minimal effort.

A CAE simulation session generally includes 3 main phases:

Main Benefits of CAE 

CAE / simulation for products

The main benefits offered by CAE / engineering simulation are:

CAE Analysis Types

CAE software

With CAE, we can talk about a large spectrum of engineering simulation analysis types:

Large CAE Applicability

All these CAE tools are used in the simulation, validation, and optimization of products with applicability in many industries, including automotiveaerospace, energyplant engineering, industrial equipmentHVAC, electronics, and consumer goods.

Olympia tower Munich frequency analysis displacement magnitude simulation
Olympia tower Munich – frequency analysis

Engineering simulation has a wide range of applications, from small components or products to complex appliances, plants, HVAC equipment, and heavy machines. Here are some examples extracted from SimScale Public Projects library:

Car monoshock wishbone - structural analysis fea simulation total nonlinear strain
Car monoshock wishbone – structural analysis

All the projects presented in this article can be imported into your own workspace from SimScale’s Public Projects and used as templates.

If you haven’t signed up for SimScale yet, you can create your free account here and see for yourself how 3D engineering simulation can help you increase the performance of your engineering activities in any industry.

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.

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