Announcing the SimScale Community — CAE Public Projects

SimScale Community cloud simulation software

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the SimScale Community. We have completely upgraded the look, feel, and functionality of the platform to create a place where simulation technology and people can come together.

How the SimScale Community works

With the SimScale Community plan, everybody has free access to SimScale with full feature functionality and 3000 core hours of computing resources. When you create a simulation project, it is automatically added to the library of public projects. Other community members can then view, comment on, or make copies of your project. This builds on the concept of “crowdsourcing” simulation knowledge. Professional and Enterprise accounts are also available for those who need to create private projects.

What you need to know about the Community?

The Dashboard provides an overview of all of your activity on the platform.

SimScale Community private engineering simulation project

  • View all of your current projects
  • Create and work on new projects
  • See your latest forum activity
  • Get an overview of your account
  • Keep track of your latest simulation jobs
  • Look at the latest public projects

Public Projects contains all of the projects that have been uploaded by our community users. It is continuously updated to show the latest projects that have been added.

SimScale Public Projects -public engineering simulation projects

  • Sort projects based on view, number of likes, or number of downloads
  • Search for a project that you are interested in
  • Make a copy of a project
  • Like a project
  • Comment on a project

When you create a new project or copy a project, you can immediately begin setting up your simulation. For those who have used the past versions of SimScale, the workflow has remained relatively unchanged.

Our favorite Community features

Quick project overviews

When you click on a project in Public Projects, you are directed to a page with a complete overview of that project and project statistics (number of view, number of likes, etc). Thumbnails allow you to view the CAD model, mesh, and selected post-processing images. If you want to see the project in more detail, you can select “view” and the project will open up so that you can see the full setup.

Aircraft landing gear cfd analysis simulation with SimScale

Copying a project

Upon viewing a project, you may decide that it is similar to a project that you are working on and want to learn more. Now you have the option to make a copy of the project. You are free to work on the copy and make modifications as you see fit.

bot prestressing mesh creation on SimScale

Liking and commenting

In Public Projects, you have the ability to like and comment on projects allowing you the opportunity to interact and learn from other users.

Comments in SimScale Public Projects - simulations

We hope that you enjoy the SimScale Community and all of its new features. Happy Simulating!

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.

SimScale is the world's first cloud-based simulation platform, enabling you to perform CFD, FEA, or thermal analyses. Sign up for the 14-day free trial and join the community of 70 000 engineers and designers. No payment data required.