Design Using CFturbo, Simulate With SimScale: Accelerating the Design-to-Prototype Cycle

Design Using CFturbo, Simulate With SimScale: Accelerating the Design-to-Prototype Cycle

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SimScale and CFturbo have partnered to extend their capabilities in the turbomachinery sector by combining intuitive design with cloud-native simulation in a unified workflow.

Within CFturbo, users can choose a specific turbomachinery template to develop the hydraulic designs of products such as turbines, pumps, compressors, and fans. Without leaving the CFturbo interface, these designs can be directly pushed for simulation in the cloud with SimScale through a custom API that automatically creates a simulation project. The push-button design and simulation workflow enables turbomachinery designers to quickly evaluate the hydraulic performance of their designs from within the CAD environment and also conduct hundreds of parametric studies simultaneously by using the power of cloud simulation.

Watch this webinar where experts from SimScale and CFturbo walk you through the automated design-simulation workflow. You will learn how to: 

Meet your presenters

Kanchan Garg simscale

Kanchan Garg

Product Manager – Rotating Machinery

Kanchan is an aerospace engineer by training and now drives the development and promotion of SimScale’s technology in the rotating machinery industry.

omar abed application engineer

Omar Abed

Customer Success Manager

Omar Abed is on SimScale’s Customer Success team and has a Aerospace Engineering research background. He specializes in turbomachinery, aerodynamics and thermal management modeling and simulation.

oliver velde cfturbo

Oliver Velde

Vice President and Senior Scientist

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Dr. Oliver Velde is a Mechanical Engineer and completed his PhD at the University of Technology Dresden, Germany. In his early days, he worked as a research assistance and now has over three decades of experience in turbomachinery, fluid dynamics, and software development. He has successfully executed many projects for European and American companies and played a major role in the development of CFturbo software.

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