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A globe valve, different from other types of valve devices, is utilized for regulating fluid flow in a pipeline, and is characterized by a mobile plug or disc element as well as a static ring seat within a (commonly) spherical body. In this valve application guide, find some of our most popular public projects where you can learn how to analyze the thermal shock, evaluate the flow coefficient, perform a fluid flow (CFD) analysis, and find the pressure drop of your valve design. On this page, you can also find relevant globe valve resources from our blog. What’s more? Hear what our customers with similar applications have to say about working with SimScale.
What is a globe valve

Typical Globe Valve Applications

These types of valves can be applied in a variety of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Turbine lube oil systems
  • Turbine drains and seals
  • High-point vents and low-point drains
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Systems where leak tightness is important
  • Cooling liquid systems
What is a globe valve

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

Globe valve applications need to be analyzed in the early design process to predict performance in terms of pressure drop and force acting on the walls within a structure.
Using online CFD simulation from SimScale, you can evaluate pressure drop, fluid recirculation zones, and other forces acting upon a valve to then iterate and optimize your globe valve in the design process before physical prototyping.

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globe valve fea simulation post

Thermal Shock Analysis of a Globe Valve

In this project, a thermal shock analysis of a globe valve is performed to predict performance in terms of valve pressure drop and the force acting upon walls.’

Evaluation of Flow Coefficient of Globe Valve

Evaluation of Flow Coefficient of Globe Valve

In this study, the valve flow coefficient (K_v value) of a globe valve was calculated. The detailed analysis explains how the geometry and meshing were set up, which simulations were run, as well as how the results and conclusions were found with detailed post-processed images.

globe valve fea simulation post

Fluid Flow Through a Globe Valve

This project shows how SimScale can be used to analyze the fluid flow through valves, trying to comprehend the various processes occurring before, during, and after the passage of water through the valve.

Pressure Drop through a Globe Valve

Pressure Drop Through a Globe Valve

This simulation project demonstrates how to determine valve pressure drop and assess the valve cv (valve flow coefficient).

globe valve customer success story 1

EJ Consulting Increased the Size of Their Valve Quickly with SimScale

“With the simulations done on SimScale, we characterized the valve (original goal), and gained much greater insight into the interaction between the valve and the fluid at each valve position. This will help us provide a better analysis in the future. SimScale has proved to be for the firm a flexible and scalable tool, which was critical for a HUBZone firm like ours.”
EJ Consulting
globe valve customer success story

Diinef reduced pressure drop and minimized cavitation damage risk in hydraulic valves with SimScale

“Approaching the design process using simulation with SimScale allowed Diinef to avoid a costly and slow testing process of physical models in the early stages of the project.”
Disposable Pump from Quantex

Quantex used SimScale to test and optimize the design of its disposable pumps

“At Quantex, the SimScale platform gives us access to powerful tools, in an economic package. The support is outstanding and helps add the most value to our engineering capabilities.”

Daryn Bertelson CAE Egineer


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