Optimize Your Gate Valve Design

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A gate valve, or sluice valve, differs from other applications in its family as it operates by raising a barrier up and down to control the fluid path. These types of valves require minimal space along a pipe’s axis, and have an extremely low resistance to fluid flow when the barrier is fully lifted allowing full stream power. A gate valve design’s main goal is to shut off the flow of fluid.
What is a gate valve

Typical Gate Valve Applications

These types of valves are utilized in a number of different industrial applications, including but not limited to:

  • Refinery machinery
  • Petrochemical plant machinery
  • Low-pressure and high-temperature operations
What is a gate valve

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

Gate valve applications need to be analyzed in the early design process to predict performance in terms of thermal as well as pressure shock. In addition to this, pressure drop and the force acting upon the walls of the valve should be evaluated.

Simulating as early as possible in the design process means more iterations and opportunities for design improvements. However, the high cost of hardware and steep learning curves of traditional, on-premises tools leave many designers to feel that virtual simulation is not an option.

SimScale has eliminated such traditional hurdles, thanks to the power of the cloud. With SimScale, engineers can:

  • Run multiple simulations in parallel for faster design optimization
  • Get started quickly with an easy-to-learn interface
  • Avoid manual updates, installation, or maintenance
  • Simulate other CFD, FEA, or thermal applications

Want to try SimScale to optimize your own gate valve design?

water gate valve simulation

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Sluice Valve Simulation

This project simulates water flow through a sluice, or gate valve design. This resource explains the difference between a gate valve, a globe valve, and a ball valve, ultimately studying the performance of the water gate valve with CFD.

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