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A ductwork system, whether intended for commercial or industrial use in a building’s design, connects all of the ventilation system components including the air-cleaning devices and fans. Careful planning of the size of the ductwork will assist in reducing waste, reducing costs, and improving the efficiency of the entire system. In this guide, you can find duct design simulation projects, and relevant industrial or commercial ductwork resources from our blog. What’s more? Hear what our customers with similar applications have to say about working with SimScale.
What is commercial ductwork

Typical Ductwork Applications

Typical types of commercial and industrial ductwork designs are used for:

  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Tapered systems
  • Plenum systems
  • Exhaust systems
What is a globe valve

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

Commercial and industrial ductwork systems are necessary HVAC implementations for the correct flow of air throughout a structure. The complexity of a given ductwork design is dependent on the nature of the proposed or existing structure, with industrial ductwork designs needing more complex engineering and evaluation. Designing ductwork includes selecting the exact size ducts, along with examining the airflow within the system through multiple simulation iterations for optimal conditions.

Designing ductwork includes selecting the exact size ducts, along with examining the airflow within the system through multiple simulation iterations for optimal conditions. Using online CFD simulation from SimScale, you can evaluate the airflow, as well as other forces acting upon your duct design to then iterate and optimize your ductwork in the design process before physical prototyping.

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commercial duct system for a theater space

Duct System for a Theatre Space

In this project, the positioning of a commercial duct design is analyzed and simulated to see where it allows the most effective ventilation of a theater. Learn more by checking out the public project now!

commercial duct system for a theater space

Flow Optimization of a Duct Design with CFD Simulation

This project is a comparative study of a ducting system whereby different blade configurations are implemented in order to investigate their impact. With the results obtained, we aim to arrive at an optimized design for the duct.

hvac pressure loss

HVAC Pressure Loss

In this project, users can learn how to use CFD to predict pressure losses and improve their HVAC ductwork design sequentially using the results found.

glanzer commercial ductwork design

Glanzner Dynamics Improved Their HVAC Duct Design through Cloud-Based Simulation from SimScale

“With SimScale we achieved results very quickly and were able to improve the design of the pipe in less than a working day! Running multiple simulations simultaneously helped us speed up the process, and we had more time to complete the CAD drawings.”
Glanzner Dynamics
industrial ductwork design story 2

EJ Consulting Increased the Size of Their Valve Quickly with SimScale

“With the simulations done on SimScale, we characterized the valve (original goal), and gained much greater insight into the interaction between the valve and the fluid at each valve position. This will help us provide a better analysis in the future. SimScale has proved to be for the firm a flexible and scalable tool, which was critical for a HUBZone firm like ours.”
EJ Consulting

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