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How SimScale is protecting your data and privacy

Protected by one of the strictest data protection and privacy standards

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The SimScale platform provides access to powerful modeling and simulation technology - fast, efficient and flexible. When it comes to transferring confidential and sensitive CAD and result data via the internet, high security requirements are demanded and necessary. SimScale offers you a highly secure workspace that constantly protects your data.

Encrypted data during upload and download


Your password is not stored in plain text but only as salted hash. That is in a form that makes it practically impossible for anyone to find out your password even with access to our database.
As stated in our terms and conditions, we will not sell, trade or give away your CAD or simulation data.


We exclusively use AES encrypted hard-drives on our servers as well as in external data centers to ensure highest data security. Security is an integral part of the SimScale philosophy. We have a dedicated team focusing solely on data and platform security.


We protect your data by redundantly backing it up to multiple encrypted backup servers.

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Encryption overview

With the SimScale cloud platform you have no maintenance or update costs. The platform is constantly maintained and upgraded by SimScale, so all users share the same experience. SimScale is protected by one of the world’s strictest data protection and privacy standards to give you a peace of mind.

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Transferring data to and from SimScale

First of all, your input data have to travel from your computer yo SimScale, and result data back to you. The communication between your computer and the SimScale platform is done via SSL encrypted connections, a technology that also protects online banking and shopping. We also do not store your password in plain text but as a salted hash.

All simulation and CAD data is stored and transferred encrypted, based on the industry standard AES technology – which is also approved for protecting the security of government documents. Moreover, other mechanisms are put in place to ensure that other users of the SimScale platform won’t be able to access your data. Our security measures are reviewed on a regular basis by independent experts using various methods, including penetration tests.