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creating a mesh

Create a mesh

Upload a CAD model of the component you want to analyze or copy one of the thousands of publicly available simulation projects as a template for your own setup. Have it instantly displayed in 3D and interact with it just as you would with a desktop CAD software

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setting up a simulation

Set up your analysis

Set up your analysis in the Simulation Designer. The SimScale platform provides capabilities for solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and thermal analysis. Once you have chosen the simulation type, the project tree will guide you through the complete workflow.

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analyzing the results

Analyze the results

As soon as your simulation is complete, you can access the results on the platform or download them locally. Validate your design decisions early in the design process to identify optimization potential and predict the performance of your product before building the first physical prototype.

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Ben Lewis

I loved the fact that I could do what I need to do in a browser. I started working without installing any software. Using any computer I could upload the model and start the analysis. That was the big “wow” moment.

Ben LewisPresident at Custom Machines