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Wind Simulation is a Breeze With SimScale

In this short demo, we use the Jeddah Tower as an example to show how to simulate wind around a model and analyze pedestrian wind comfort in SimScale.

SimScale provides high-fidelity design simulation tools for building physics, urban design, and sustainability which allow designers and engineers to evaluate & optimize building thermal performance, indoor air quality, indoor and outdoor thermal comfort, wind loading, and wind comfort.

Trusted by 500,000+ users

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  • zaha hadid logo

    “If there is an architect that comes to you with a geometry in the morning, you can get the building ready for simulation in one or two hours, get the results after lunch and have time to go through a process of changes, according to the results. So in one day, we are able to optimize. The results we get from SimScale help us quickly understand how a building is going to behave and what kind of impact the building geometry will have on the surrounding space.”

    Carlos Bausa Martinez

    Sustainability Team Lead at Zaha Hadid Architects

  • thornton tomasetti logo

    “The digital wind tunnel app created by the CORE Studio Group is a CFD app using wind simulations for urban developments and looking particularly at PWC, structural wind loading, facade pressures, and integrating these analysis types into our digital design workflows. The app is really for the larger pool of engineers who might not be CFD experts but can run a quick simulation without leaving the rhino design environment.”

    Jeroen Janssen

    Associate Director at Thornton Tomasetti

  • “We have created a bespoke approach called Atkins’ “Digital Daisy Chain” that provides the mechanism for connected design insight. It is an ecosystem of in-house holistic design tools for the external space that allows different types of software analysis and tools to talk to each other and communicate from one platform to another which includes SimScale for wind and comfort analysis.”

    Dr. Avgousta Stanitsa

    Senior Design Researcher at AtkinsRéalis

  • perkins & will logo

    “SimScale has a clean and easy to understand interface that makes complex simulations accessible to architects and designers.”

    Peter Baird

    Head of Urban Design at Perkins & Will

  • link io logo

    “We perform a wide range of sustainability and microclimate analyses on all our projects. In order to streamline the work processes, we have implemented a large number of automations, optimizing processes and enhancing the collaboration with our partners in the AEC industry, including SimScale.”

    Mathias Sønderskov Schaltz

    Principal Design Engineer at LINK IO

  • liljewall logo

    “Liljewall is using SimScale to improve the quality of life in urban areas, public areas such as parks, and residential schemes such as the GoCo Health Innovation City project in Sweden.”

    Alexander Gösta

    Head of Data-Informed and Computational Design at Liljewall

  • kpf logo

    “Using SimScale, we have developed our own wind modeling app for early-stage analysis. Our plan is to deploy this to over 100 architects globally, giving them access to fast and accurate microclimate analysis as and when needed. The aim is to equip our designers with the right toolset and knowledge to tackle climate change and be proactive in designing carbon neutral buildings and cities that prioritize the comfort and wellbeing of its occupants.”

    Elias Anka

    Sustainable Design Lead at KPF (London)