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Optimize Cyclone Separator Designs

Cloud-based simulation to test, validate, and optimize designs iteratively and easily

Cyclonic or particle separation is a process used to extract specifically identified particulates from a fluid stream (air, gas or liquid). This cyclone separator design forgoes filters, and instead relies on vortex separation for the operation. These applications vary depending on the fluid from which particles are removed. For example, a hydrocyclone is used for liquid, a gas cyclone for gas, and a dust or air cyclone separator is used for air fluid streams.

what is a cyclone separator

Typical Cyclone Separator Applications

Cyclone separators can be applied in a variety of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Sawmills to remove sawdust
  • Oil refineries
  • Kiln preheaters
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Extraction hoods
  • High-pressure washing devices
  • Lubricating fluid
  • Industrial water treatment
cyclone separator simulation

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

Simulation allows engineers to validate cyclone separator designs before expensive physical prototypes are built. Simulating as early as possible in the design process means more iterations and improvements. However, the high cost of hardware and steep learning curves of traditional, on-premises tools leave many designers to feel that simulation is not an option.

SimScale has eliminated such traditional hurdles, thanks to the power of the cloud. With SimScale, engineers can:

  • Run multiple simulations in parallel for faster design optimization
  • Get started quickly with an easy-to-learn interface
  • Avoid manual updates, installation, or maintenance
  • Simulate other CFDFEA, or thermal applications

Want to try SimScale to optimize your own cyclone separator design?

cyclone separator simulation project 513

Flow Simulation Study of a Dust Cyclone Separator

This project explains how to run a fluid flow simulation of a dust cyclone separator. In this particle separation experiment, the given inlet flow rate and dimension, pressure drop, and velocity distribution inside the separator are analyzed.

cyclone separator design

Turbulent Flow Through a Cyclone Separator Design

This simulation project investigates a single-phase flow through a cyclone separator. This public project can help users improve their own cyclone separator design iterations.

hydrocyclone simulation slide deck

How to Use CFD to Evaluate Your Cyclone Separator Design

This simulation project slide deck explains how users can analyze pressure drop of a dust cyclone separator depending on the dust concentration, and specifically how to run an incompressible, steady-state airflow simulation.