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CAE for Chemical Processing

CFD and FEA Software for Chemical Processing

In addition to chemical plants, chemical processing also occurs in oil refining, natural gas processing, polymer and pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, and water and waste water treatment. As the largest industry in the world, with more than $770 billion in annual sales, the chemical industry relies on chemical processing to find solutions related to energy efficiency, process improvements, cost reduction, plant optimization, automation, and safety performance. Companies operating in the chemical processing industry are always focusing on increasing product performance, supporting green engineering, and increasing the overall progress of the industry. SimScale provides you with powerful capabilities and a wide range of features to use towards your simulation projects, and frees you up from the large upfront investment of traditional simulation software by scaling to your needs so you can start risk-free with CAE.

Pressure Vessel Thermal Structural Analysis simulation
Water Purification Process CFD Simulation
Particle Flow through a Cyclone Separator cfd Simulation
Mixing Diffuser flow analysis cfd simulation
Water Purification Process CFD Simulation
Particle Flow through a Cyclone Separator cfd Simulation
solid particles mixing in a mill particle analysis simulation

SimScale has many simulation capabilities for chemical engineering and processing, including:

  • Water purification
  • Fluid flow and mixing
  • Behavior of bulk materials
  • Pressure field and velocity field localization
  • Temperature analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Chemical process simulation

Better product development with simulation.

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Water Purification Process CFD Simulation

Case Study

Optimization of a Water Purification Process

An important stage in water purification is disinfection. One of the ways is to pass the water through a maze channel to create turbulent recirculation regions where a disinfectant can then be introduced to purify the water. In this project, a water purification process in a maze channel reactor was simulated.


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