Introducing SimScale Connector App for Onshape

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As you might remember, a few months ago we have announced our partnership with Onshape –  a collaborative, 100% browser-based, parametric MCAD system created by the original team behind SolidWorks. Back then we have also described a suggested workflow for anyone who would like to leverage both systems together. The workflow included the model export from Onshape followed by the import into SimScale.

Since we are constantly looking into ways to empower our users to design their products better and faster, we really wanted to make sure that we use the full potential of both systems being completely web-based and make the SimScale-Onshape workflow more seamless and efficient for everyone.

Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of the SimScale Connector App for Onshape which allows you to quickly import your CAD models directly from Onshape into SimScale without the need of exporting and uploading any files.

How does the import from Onshape work?

Importing your Onshape models with the SimScale Connector App is simple:

1. From your SimScale dashboard click on “New Project” and create a project without uploading a CAD file (remember to include a title and a description).Create new project on SimScale upload import cad model2. Once you are in the workbench, you will see an option to either “Upload CAD/mesh” or to “Import” it.

3. Click on the “Import” button and choose “Import from Onshape” to open the SimScale Connector App.

import from onshape button

4. After you authorize the app, you will be able to see all your Onshape existing models. Import the model or part you want to analyze with SimScale by selecting it and clicking on the import button.

Import 3d cad model from Onshape


Want to test other Onshape App Store applications?

SimScale Connector App is one of the first applications offered in the Onshape App Store, which has launched in a private beta mode this week. If you are interested to participate in the private beta from Onshape and test other applications available in the Onshape App Store, you can request early access by filling out their online form.

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