9 Learning Resources to Get You Started with Simulation

Because beginnings are often difficult, we gathered all the available learning resources to help you get started with the SimScale platform and make sure you get the best out of all the great simulation features we have in store for you.

Enjoy your reading and good luck with becoming a SimScale Pro!

1. Tutorials to get started

Get Started with SimScale Tutorials - learning resources

Meshing, analysis, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, acoustics, fluid dynamics and structural mechanics tutorials. You can find them all under this section along with explainer videos.

2. Documentation — One of the Key Learning Resources

SimScale documentation

Covering all sections of the platform, from CAD handling and meshing to validation cases and FAQs, the documentation is a must-read when starting using SimScale.

3. Public Projects

SimScale Public Projects

More than 170 publicly available simulation projects that can be imported into your own workspace with a single click in order to get access to the detailed simulation setup and the results. The projects are key learning resources when getting started with SimScale.

4. Workshops

SimScale Workshops

With new topics being announced on a regular basis, the free webinars organized by SimScale’s engineers can get you from beginner to expert in simulation. On the SimScale website you can register for or watch recorder webinars on simulation in different industries and areas, including Valves and Pumps, HVAC , Automotive, Drones and UAVs. Make sure you follow us on the Social Media channels to stay informed on the upcoming webinars for other industries.

5. SimScale Blog

SimScale Blog

Focusing on the key features and projects available with the SimScale platform, this blog gathers a set of valuable articles. In fact, Anna’s article on how to learn SimScale in 30 days gives valuable information for beginners.

6. YouTube channel

SimScale Youtube

If you missed our previous free workshops, webinars or tutorials, the YouTube channel is the best way to catch up on them. Just go through the videos and subscribe to stay posted for the next ones.

7. SimScale Professional Training

SimScale Professional Training

The SimScale Professional Training offers you a comprehensive learning experience, that will help you master the SimScale platform and set your project for success through leveraging full simulation capabilities. This means you can get started immediately and save your time by being productive from the beginning.

8. FAQs

FAQs SimScale Forum

SimScale FAQs is a list of the most commonly asked questions that our support team frequently receives from the SimScale users. You can find them all in one place together with the answers provided by our experts.

9. SimScale Community Forum

SimScale Forum

To ensure that you have the best learning experience possible, we have launched the SimScale forum, the place where all of the SimScale users and engineering enthusiasts can ask questions, share feedback, exchange ideas and join discussions about anything from the SimScale platform, CAE to CAD and product design in general. Join the growing, global, community and get all the answers you need to become an expert in simulation.

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