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A pump impeller, or simply an impeller, is a rotating component of a pump device. This rotor transfers energy from the motor that moves and accelerates the fluid outwards from the center of rotation. On this page, you can also find relevant resources from our blog. What’s more? Hear what our customers with similar applications have to say about working with SimScale.
What is a pump impeller

Typical Pump Impeller Types Include:

Pump impellers can be applied in a variety of use cases, and exisit as 3 main types:

  • A closed impeller where the vanes are in between 2 discs with closed casting
  • An open impeller that has free vanes on both sides
  • A semi-closed impeller where vanes are open on one side and enclosed on the other
What is a pump impeller

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

A pump impeller needs to be simulated and evaluated early in the design process to determine the performance of different pump impeller designs.
Using CFD simulation from SimScale, you can evaluate parameters of interest like the pressure head and hydraulic efficiency. Users can also use FEA to test the stress and strain applied to pump impellers, as well as pressure from the water flow.

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Design Effects in a Radial Pump Impeller

Design Effects in a Radial Pump Impeller

In this project, different pump impeller designs are simulated and their performance evaluated. The parameters of interest like the pressure head, hydraulic efficiency are calculated and validated against the proposed paper.

Centrifugal Pump CFD Simulation with MRF

Centrifugal Pump CFD Simulation with MRF

This project simulates a centrifugal water pump using the Multiple Reference Frame Model (MRF) approach. This evaluation explains the importance of simulating your design, as the performance of any pump depends on a series of factors.

Improve Pump Impeller Design With CFD

Improve Pump Design With CFD

This project showcases SimScale’s capabilities to optimize the design of pumps and their various applications. The physics and features that are essential to these pumps are highlighted followed by a demonstration of a typical pump design using CFD simulation.

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Disposable Pump from Quantex

Quantex used SimScale to test and optimize the design of its disposable pumps

“At Quantex, the SimScale platform gives us access to powerful tools, in an economic package. The support is outstanding and helps add the most value to our engineering capabilities.”

Daryn Bertelson CAE Egineer

globe valve customer success story

Diinef reduced pressure drop and minimized cavitation damage risk in hydraulic valves with SimScale

“Approaching the design process using simulation with SimScale allowed Diinef to avoid a costly and slow testing process of physical models in the early stages of the project.”
Impellers for pumps success story

Orbital Marine Power optimized a floating tidal stream turbine with SimScale

“SimScale is an amazing platform that enables CAE to be carried out with minimal fuss and resources. Being cloud-based, it opens us access to anyone with an Internet connection and gives the ability to select the amount of cores to be used, therefore there is no physical computing power resource requirement for the user.”

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