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In this contaminant HVAC application guide, find some of our most popular public projects where you can learn how to evaluate your fume extraction systems, and evaluate the flow distribution of an industrial ventilation system. On this page, you can also find relevant globe valve resources from our blog. What’s more? Hear what our customers with similar applications have to say about working with SimScale.
What is mechanical ventilation

Typical Scenarios Where Fume Extraction Is Employed

A fume extraction system is used for a range of industrial applications, and works by using a fan to pull fumes and loose particles into a filtration system that removes toxicities from the air. Similar to smoke extraction systems, they work to keep occupants of a space safe during activities that could present danger. Fume extraction can be employed in a variety of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Welding processes
  • Sanding processes
  • Grinding processes
  • Spraying processes
  • Powder filling processes
  • Chemical applications
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Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

Fume and smoke extraction systems are crucial to the safety of occupants within a space. Therefore, it is extremely important to test and evaluate the system for its performance before prototyping or implementing it. This analysis can be done early in the design process with the assistance of online simulation.

Using online CFD simulation from SimScale, you can evaluate the flow distribution, find areas of recirculation, and even test different operating conditions for your application.

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fume extraction system project

Fume Extraction

The goal of this project is to improve a design where the original setup left a dangerous atmosphere where there could be people present.

industrial fume extraction project

Industrial Ventilation

In this project, the flow distribution of an industrial ventilation system is evaluated to ultimately optimize the fume extraction process. Learn more now!

Ventilation and fume extraction resources to get you started

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natural ventilation auditorium

Nabtaker is using CFD with SimScale to verify thermal comfort in Qatar University’s auditorium

“The fact that we could run several simulations in parallel in the cloud with 96 cores using SimScale saved us a huge amount of time in the first stage of this project.”
natural ventilation customer success story 2

Thermo-Consult optimized a cleanroom for an electron microscope with SimScale

“As a small company specialized in industrial HVAC, it is essential for us to improve our competitiveness through innovative know-how like computational fluid dynamics. SimScale’s competitive pricing model enables us to be involved in this sector. Thanks to our CFD study with SimScale, we were able to create an optimal and very sophisticated HVAC system for an extremely sensitive cutting-edge lab equipment.”

Want to run a fume or smoke extraction simulation of your own?

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