Accessible and cost-efficient simulation for everyone

With a multitude of other engineering simulation solutions out there, why is SimScale the best option?

SimScale’s users come from a large spectrum of industries, companies, and career stages. Empowering them to create better products faster by providing a highly flexible yet sophisticated simulation solution is the core of our mission. SimScale aims to lead the democratization of computer-aided engineering (CAE) by making it accessible to everyone. Our goal is to eliminate the barriers that have been preventing many talented engineers from using engineering simulation — barriers imposed by traditional on-premises software: high costs, lengthy training and up-front investment in high-performance hardware. With the SimScale cloud-based platform, these barriers do not exist. You just open up your web browser and have a full-fledged HPC-powered simulation environment on your PC. Get access to up to 32-core machines, plenty of simulation features and free learning resources and become part of an international community of more than 80,000 engineers! Find out more about the benefits of the SimScale platform below.

The SimScale pricing model allows you to start with CFD, FEA, and Thermal Analysis for free through the Community Plan or the trial for the Professional account. You are then able to scale the simulation capacity as it is needed. No large fixed expenses, no maintenance fees, no long-term commitment. With SimScale it's simple – you simulate when you need to and pay only for what you use.

You can make sure you are efficient with your simulation software from the start. With its unique web-based approach, SimScale makes the setup of sophisticated simulations as easy as it gets: by not starting every simulation from scratch and leveraging a large amount of already completed simulation projects, the setup time is significantly reduced.

SimScale is a powerful simulation tool that empowers you to virtually test and optimize your product designs. With simulation functionality ranging from solid mechanics, fluid dynamics to thermal simulation, acoustic analysis, and particle phenomena, every SimScale user has access to state of the art simulation methods and the necessary computing resources.

By providing completely web-based access to all simulation data and functionality, it's easy to collaborate on the SimScale CAE platform. You can comment on simulation projects of other users, get help on your own projects and easily share your simulation results with co-workers, partners, vendors or customers.

SimScale is an open ecosystem where simulation functionality, content and people are brought together in one place. Interested engineers and designers can join free of charge and collaborate with their peers. Simulation software developers can join via the partner program and deliver their functionality to the SimScale community.

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SimScale offers a highly secure working space. Data transferred to and from the platform is protected with industry standard encryption technology, using AES encrypted hard drives on our servers as well as in our external data centers. We ensure your data is backed up on multiple servers so that you will never lose the projects you are working on.

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