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CFD, FEA and Thermal Analysis Software for Electronics

With SimScale, companies in the electronics industry can benefit from all the advantages of computer simulation, developing high-quality products in a shorter time and with minimum investments.

The electronics industry (or consumer electronics) is constantly evolving with new or improved products being launched every month.

Manufacturers are under immense pressure to bring unique and innovative electronics to market.

From electronic chips and printed circuit boards (PCBs) to smartphones or computers, SimScale is the perfect tool for electronics simulation, enabling companies to ensure power optimization, durability, efficiency, or thermal performance for their products.

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A selection of the electronic devices and electronics parts that can be simulated with SimScale are as follows:

• Communication systems (mobile devices, computers, radios)

• Display technologies (LED, LCD, Plasma, Neon, etc.)

• Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic chips

• Diodes and transistors, integrated circuits (ICs)

• Vacuum tubes (valves)

• Power sources (battery, thermoelectric generator, electric generator)

• Passive components (resistors, networks, antennas, assemblies)

• Electromechanical systems (terminals and connectors, protection devices, heat sinks, fans)

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Project Highlight

Thermostructural Analysis of an Electronic Chip

Electronic chips are used in a wide range of electronic circuits. Power loss normally occurs in these chips due to the rise in temperature which decreases their efficiency. This project shows the thermostructural analysis of an 8 pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) chip with applied heat flux on the main chip core surfaces.

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