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  • Employee Spotlight – Matias Degiuseppe

    Lisa Widmann
    BlogLife At SimScaleEmployee Spotlight – Matias Degiuseppe

    Happy Wednesday, everyone! We would like to introduce a new series on our Life at SimScale blog. In this first employee spotlight, we speak with our People Operations Specialist Mati who joined SimScale 1.4 years ago. We asked him what his biggest contribution at SimScale has been, what keeps him going, and what he is looking forward to moving forward!

    Name: Matias Degiuseppe

    From: Argentina

    Position: HR Administrator

    Time at SimScale: 1.4 years

    Mati, what has been your biggest contribution at SimScale? 

    I think my biggest contribution was the consequence of finding the role. Initially, I was going to take over tasks from Daniel, who transitioned to learning and development. After I started, we were able to move to the next level with topics that weren’t quite relevant back then but are now. This includes being able to generate a lot of information and data that facilitate not only the people team but also the rest of the company and help us make informed decisions. Dashboards and things that were built from scratch; this has been an important contribution. And then the second part is everything we are doing with ESG (environmental, social, and governance) because it has the same pattern: we had nothing in place and now we have an area that has a solid foundation. There was a lot of work invested, such as developing policies and guidelines and looking at our impact on the environment. So I would say these are my top two highlights because they were things that we initially didn’t have in place but now do.

    matias degiuseppe, hr administrator

    “Mati is an incredible asset to the team. His dedication, commitment, and hard work are amazing and very much in line with our company values. He is never shying away from going the extra mile and accepting more responsibilities or helping his teammates. His diligence, attention to detail, and perseverance are outstanding. I see a great future for Mati at SimScale!”

    Vincenz Doelle, COO and Co-Founder at SimScale

    What keeps you going every day? 

    I really believe that what we do as a company is very important. I always mention this in the onboarding with new team members — the mission and what we do is really important. I used to work in companies where I didn’t believe in what we did and that was very difficult. In the end, you end up asking what’s the point of everything. That is very important to me. Secondly, I really like the team and the people here. When you see that there are very hardworking and passionate people, it’s contagious and you can’t be less than that. Among the team, we are raising the bar every time and that’s a high motivation for doing things.

    What makes you proud to be a SimScaler?

    Besides my previous comments, I am proud of the fact that we have a positive and healthy work environment. I say that because I worked in various companies over the past ten years where the environment was not the best. SimScale has built something that is great and that is not easy to get. Contributing to that, and being part of that history, is something that makes me proud! It’s not just about doing my job because I have to fill some hours, it’s something that is broader than what you do.

    What made you join the team?

    The main thing that I was looking for is a company where I could feel that I can add value or at least the value I thought I would be able to add. It was hard to get a job here in Germany. I was searching for quite a while and I felt for the first time that SimScale was willing to hear me and learn about my experiences. I used to be in other recruitment processes and it felt as if I was speaking but nobody was listening — I didn’t feel that with SimScale. That captured me initially, and the more I learned about the company, the culture, etc., the more I wanted to be part of the team.

    What has been your highlight working at SimScale so far?

    The most special thing would be all the big events we have had. Especially in this type of hybrid/home office environment, there are a lot of people that you end up not knowing that much and not knowing if they have legs. Having these events where you can meet everyone and get to know them, apart from work-related things, is nice. When I think of 2022, the first things that come to my mind are the events that we had (SimSummit, Oktoberfest, Christmas party, etc.) and the Wednesday lunches where many people enjoy lunch together in our Munich office. The common aspect of these is the people. Getting to know each other is very important, especially in such an international environment. Human relationships are key aspects of the work environment.

    mati at simsummit 2022

    What are you looking forward to?

    Moving forward, we have a lot of very ambitious and top-class goals. I would say from a work perspective, I’m looking forward to delivering the best I can while continuing to learn! Because I’ve learned a lot ever since I joined SimScale, it feels like it’s been more than just 1.4 years. Also, continuing to take SimScale to the next level, getting to know the people even better, and keep having fun.

    Thank you for all of your great contributions, Mati! We are so excited to have you on the team!

    Stay tuned for more insights into SimScale and see what the team has been up to on our @lifeatsimscale Instagram feed. Want to start your own SimScale story? Make sure to keep an eye on our careers page for possible openings!

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