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  • My Life at SimScale: Edoardo, Meshing Software Developer

    Lisa Widmann
    BlogLife At SimScaleMy Life at SimScale: Edoardo, Meshing Software Developer

    At SimScale, our engineering team consists of 36 talented individuals from all over the world. In this installment of “My Life at SimScale”, we want to introduce to you Edoardo, who is originally from Italy and works as a Meshing Software Developer in the Munich office! In this article, Edo shares some insights into what his day looks like, and what his responsibilities are.

    edoardo frigerio

    Name: Edoardo Frigerio 

    From: Italy 

    Position: Meshing Software Developer 

    Time at SimScale: 2.5 years

    Edoardo, what are your responsibilities here at SimScale?

    “I’m in the CAD and Meshing team. I mainly focus on meshing, developing features for improving the meshing abilities of SimScale, fixing bugs, providing support to, among others, our Application Engineers.”

    How would you describe to a ‘non-techie’ what you do?

    “That’s a good question! Meshing is an intermediate step that you have to make between uploading your CAD or your project onto SimScale and getting results. Meshing basically puts a net on your CAD model, which breaks it up into lots of small simulatable pieces. I support the development of this part of our software.”

    edoardo employee spotlight simfoodies

    What would you say are some of the challenges you face daily?

    “There are many challenges. One of them is that the models we need to mesh are very diverse and meshing needs to work for all of them. The objective is just to get a good mesh for anything we want to simulate.”

    What has been your favorite project so far? 

    “It’s not something specific, but what I enjoy doing most is solving challenging problems that Application Engineers have, that are related to the meshing part of the simulation. In order to do this, you need to understand what’s going on and what the issue is. It’s quite rigorous at times, requiring a lot of patience, but it is fun! Seeing the result in the end, and getting something out of it, is very satisfying.”

    What is your favorite programming language, and how do you improve your skills? 

    “Go. It’s the one I use most and am most familiar with. I’m not a computer scientist, and my programming skills were really basic when I joined SimScale. So, I really have learned here by doing things. I didn’t start in the meshing team, I was in the simulation team at the beginning and then I moved to the frontend team for a few months. It was great that I got the chance to see different aspects of SimScale, different people. I have been part of the meshing team for 1.5 years and I really like it.”

    edo and hannes employee spotlight blog

    And you are also part of the SimCare team?

    “Yes, the SimCare team was started by a few people a couple of years ago. The idea was to organize parties and events, things that employees need, sort out the office, and things of this nature. I joined a couple of months after the idea was brought to fruition. And since then, we’ve been doing quite a few things to make life a bit better at SimScale. The parties are really fun.”

    When are you the most productive?

    “I’m an early bird. I start a bit before nine. And I have a late lunch break, so I prefer a long morning where I can focus on particular tasks, and have a short afternoon.”

    When did you move to Germany, and is there anything you miss about Italy? 

    “I moved to Germany the day before I joined SimScale. It all happened very quickly. What I miss is being right next to the mountains and a beautiful lake. In Italy, I can just start hiking, whereas in Munich I need to take the car or train. I like Munich because it’s a large city, but not as big as London, for example. So everything is still very close. You can be on the other side of the city quite quickly, but there are still enough things to do.” 

    edoardo employee spotlight blog simscale wisen

    Thank you, Edoardo! 

    Stay tuned for more spotlight articles from SimScale employees and see what the team has been up to on our @lifeatsimscale Instagram feed. Want to start your own SimScale story? Make sure to keep an eye on our careers page for possible openings!

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