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The Benefits You Will Have with a SimScale Professional Plan

BlogAbout SimScaleThe Benefits You Will Have with a SimScale Professional Plan

professional plan for physics simulation software

The SimScale platform was designed to democratize computer-aided engineering (CAE). That means making virtual prototyping accessible to every engineer and designer in the world, independent of their budget or know-how, and as such enabling them to build better products faster and more cost-efficiently. Our diverse user community includes beginners, hobbyists and young entrepreneurs—anyone who is enthusiastic about simulation. The pricing system reflects that as well: unlike most traditional CAE software solutions, SimScale offers a Community Plan completely free of charge, in addition to its Professional Plan and Enterprise package.

So Why Should You Upgrade to a Professional Plan?

Professional Plan SimScale pricing

For individual product designers, there are two subscription options to choose from—the Community Plan intended for hobby projects, and the Professional Plan for proprietary work. Both grant access to the full set of SimScale’s simulation features and functionalities. However, there are several important differences that a serious designer cannot neglect.

Let’s consider them in more detail.

Private projects

private simulation project on simscale

Unlike the Community Plan, the Professional Plan subscription allows users to keep their projects private, allowing only the user or those he/she chooses to share them with to view and modify them. For someone who simply wants to learn and experiment this may not make a significant difference, but for those designing new products in a competitive industry, keeping work confidential becomes crucial. SimScale employs one of the world’s strictest data privacy standards and encryption techniques to protect your sensitive CAD and result data—but it’s only meaningful if the project is private. To stay ahead in an increasingly innovative market, one cannot afford to put inventive designs out there and hope they won’t get noticed and imitated, making the Professional Plan the logical choice for product designers. The open source nature of the Community Plan, on the other hand, is ideal for students and hobbyists who can practice and enhance their CAE skills by copying and learning from other users’ projects and contribute to the overall knowledge exchange by sharing their own work with others.

Access to Professional Training

To help our users get started with our tool and get productive results as soon as possible, SimScale offers a comprehensive professional training course. The course is intended for professional product designers and those who hope to become one. 

Professional training for structural mechanics fea simulation software

“Introduction to SimScale for Professionals” is more than a simple YouTube tutorial—it is training in the true sense of the word. It is highly interactive with professional trainers ready to share their expertise and support users every step of the way. The three different course tracks which include Structural Mechanics / FEA, Fluid Flow / CFD, and Thermal Analysis provide our users with a comprehensive understanding of the main CAE methods used in the industry. After completing all lectures and assignments, participants have the option to take an exam and receive a certificate proving competence in the chosen track. The course is held online with a flexible on-demand learning infrastructure that allows users to work at their own pace and invest time in a flexible manner.

Support from a dedicated engineering team

customer support from engineering team

Even the most experienced product designer who has completed the Professional Training can run into difficulties when performing sophisticated analyses and simulations. One way to get help is to turn to the SimScale forum—but asking a question may often be impossible without disclosing sensitive information to every forum user. In addition, it may take time before a meaningful answer can be obtained. A user with a Professional Plan subscription, on the other hand, gets the support from our applications engineering team who ensure that user projects run smoothly. One can significantly reduce the time needed to successfully complete a simulation project when help is only a quick phone call or an email away. Real-time chat support is also available.

New bonus perk: You are only charged core hours for successful simulations

solver error: a continuity error has been encountered that cannot be removed

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience for our Professional Plan subscribers. This is why in the latest platform update, we included a new feature: from now on, professional users will only have to spend core hours on successful simulations and user core hour quotas will no longer be affected by jobs that end up in “Error” status. If something goes wrong due to incorrectly set simulation conditions and an error is received, the user no longer has to worry about wasting the cores. They will be restored to the account so that the necessary adjustments to the parameter settings can be made to ensure your simulation runs smoothly next time. It is SimScale’s mission to provide users with the simulation tool needed to solve problems and hence, we only want to charge clients for the success that they have with the platform.

But don’t take our word for it—give it a try for free!

If you are still hesitating about making the commitment, then our free trial is for you. It allows users to evaluate the full scope of additional perks and features of a Professional Plan subscription, with no upfront investment—not even your credit card information or any other payment data is required to give the upgraded plan a try. The Professional trial allows you to keep your projects private, not visible to the rest of the Community, and our engineering team will support you over phone and email all the way. At the end of the Professional trial period, your account will be automatically converted into a free Community account, should you decide against a paid subscription. All private projects created during the Professional trial will, however, remain private, so whatever confidential work you have completed during the trial will not be disclosed.

Ready to see for yourself that Professional Plan is the way to go? Create a free trial account in under a minute and start simulating right away!

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.


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