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SimScale Academic Program

CAE Software for Students, Researchers, and Educators

SimScale offers a revolutionary approach to computer-aided engineering, used at more than 1000 universities worldwide. Discover the possibilities.

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For Students

Resources for learning computer-aided engineering with SimScale

SimScale Academy

SimScale provides free, on-demand online courses and recognized certification to help you stay competitive.

Step-By-Step Tutorials

These tutorials contain real-life examples and simulation tips to help you learn how to use SimScale effectively.

Student Design Competitions

SimScale provides free simulation software for university teams.

Student Ambassador Program

Spread the word to tomorrow’s engineers and designers by bringing SimScale to your university.

For Educators

Bringing web-based simulation software into the classroom

Introduction to SimScale

Watch this 5-part video series about the SimScale Platform to learn our community-based approach to CAE software.

Resource Library for Educators

A complete collection of SimScale lecture materials, step-by-step exercises, and slides from our past workshops.

An Educator's Story

Read how Mario Larreta, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is using SimScale in his Computer-Aided Engineering Course.

CFD software for Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications, F1 car CFD analysis

Free Academic Plan

The SimScale Academic Plan is a specialized plan for qualified students, researchers, and educators. The Academic Plan gives you access to the SimScale platform, with 3000 core hours per year and private projects.

The SimScale Academic Plan is for:

  • Students who are participating in a Student Design Competition (ie Formula Student, Formula SAE, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design, etc)
  • Students who are writing a Thesis or Dissertation
  • Students who are enrolled in a school course using SimScale and have a valid code from their instructor
  • Researchers who are teaching a course with SimScale or working on a research project.
  • Educators who are teaching a course with SimScale or working on a research project

Apply for the Academic Plan
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