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The PowerUser Program

Dear SimScalers and friends of simulation!

Some information about the PowerUser program (application details at the very bottom).

\underline{\textbf{What is the SimScale Power Users Program?}}

The purpose of the SimScale Power Users Program is to create and nurture a network of people who are passionate about SimScale and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts with others across the SimScale forum and other social media platforms such as blogs, twitter, etc.

\underline{\textbf{Who is eligible to be a SimScale Power User?}}

The SimScale Power Users Program is reserved only for the most engaged SimScale Community members. An ideal SimScale Power User:

  • Expresses balanced view of SimScale
  • Has SimScale-related expertise
  • Has overall expertise in CAE industry
  • Is active on social media and forums
  • Participates in conversations relevant to SimScale and the CAE industry in general
  • The SimScale Power Users Program is reserved only for the most engaged and awesome SimScale Community members.

\underline{\textbf{How long does the SimScale Power User Program membership last?}}

As long as you want :wink:

Members can be selected in two ways:

  • SimScale identifies potential candidates who meet the criteria outlined above
  • Candidates can nominate themselves or their peers for consideration in the program

\underline{\textbf{What are the benefits of being a SimScale Power User?}}

As a Power User you will:

  • Receive unlimited core hours on the SimScale platform
  • Be first to learn about new product features
  • Be the first to test big new features on our development servers
  • Receive free professional training sessions
  • Be identified in the forum with a SimScale Power User Badge
  • Have access to a dedicated Power Users board in the forum with SimScale employees

\underline{\textbf{What are the requirements for maintaining Power User membership?}}

The criteria that is taken into consideration when choosing the members and evaluating them every quarter are as follows:

  • Daily activity in the SimScale Forum
  • Respond to user questions and posts - no question is left unanswered in the forum.
  • Interact with our new members by saying hello or providing tips for getting started on SimScale when they introduce themselves in the Welcome Thread
  • Provide constructive product feedback
  • Create high quality content and responses
  • Encourage users on their public projects through comments and likes.
  • Contribute one or more high quality public project, step-by-step tutorial, or webinar per quarter.
  • Report bugs directly to the SimScale Support Team with Usersnap or emailing
  • Be friendly and patient when responding to others

If you are interested in this program, please send an email to with a short introduction and tell me why you want to become a PowerUser. Looking very much forward hearing from you!




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