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  • 10 Reasons Why Cloud-Based CAD and CAE are the Better Options

    Radu Crahmaliuc
    BlogProduct10 Reasons Why Cloud-Based CAD and CAE are the Better Options

    Today, cloud-based software is rapidly becoming the new “normal” across all sectors, including the engineering industry. Here are the top 10 advantages of cloud-based CAD and CAE solutions which make more and more engineering companies shift to the cloud:

    Cloud-based CAE 1. Saving Time

    With the SaaS model, there are no hardware installations or configurations. The application is immediately ready to use which saves time and allows for rapid iterations in the design process.

    With SimScale, the user only needs an Internet connection and a computer to access the platform. From analyzing a car brake, to heavy machine assembly—every iteration is fast, efficient, and flexible. No supplementary hardware is necessary.

    save time and money with Cloud-based CAE software and cloud-based CAD SimScale Advantages

    Cloud CAD 2. Pay As You Go

    SaaS delivers the benefit of predictable costs both for the subscription and the administration. Having a clear idea of what your costs will be, enables accurate budgeting, especially when compared to the costs of an internal IT department to manage upgrades and maintain on-premises software.

    SimScale’s pricing model allows one to start with simulation for free with a Community account. You can then scale the modeling capacity, buying more core hours as you need them. Moreover, the Professional and Enterprise plans come with a custom number of core hours adapted to your specific needs. There are no maintenance fees and no long-term commitment: you simulate when you need to and pay for what you use.

    3. Do More with Less

    With a cloud solution, companies can reduce the size of their own data centers. Reducing the number of servers, the software costs, and allocated staff can significantly reduce IT costs without impacting the organization’s IT capabilities.

    SimScale users no longer have to shoulder the burden of constant server updates, hardware replacements, CAE software updates, and other computing issues, leaving the engineering teams free to concentrate on designing great products. SimScale can take care of the rest.

    Cloud CAD Software 4. Lower Costs

    The SaaS subscription model offers a dramatic reduction in infrastructure costs. The costs shift away from in-house high-end computing hardware to shared services which reside in a multi-tenant environment.

    With the SimScale cloud-based CAE solution, you pay only for what you need, without having to buy hardware to run your simulations. There is also free access to the Community plan.

    Cloud CAD 4. Lower Costs

    One of the most appreciated benefits offered by SaaS solutions is the minimal capital investment. The value of shifting from a capital expense (CapEx) model to an operational expense (OpEx) model is still a debated, but it is commonly agreed that for mid-short term projects, the OpEx model is more attractive because there are no long-term financial commitments. In the OpEx model, zero upfront investment is required, which allows organizations to start projects faster but also end them without losing investments.

    With SimScale’s flexible pricing model, it is possible to choose the best suitable subscription for your projects, allowing you to accurately forecast your operating expenses.

    Cloud Capabilities 6. Work from Anywhere

    With cloud computing, wherever you have an Internet connection, you can be at work.

    For SimScale users, this means a high degree of flexibility. You can enjoy a better work-life balance and have more profitable working hours. It is possible to run a simulation on the desktop and show the results during a client presentation.

    Cloud Security 7. Improved Information Security

    One of the foremost concerns of cloud skeptics is the fear of sacrificing data security when allowing company data to existing outside the internal firewall. In fact, as many market analysts reason, security is actually increased in cloud environments. All SaaS providers comply with security standards, in addition to regular security audits.

    SaaS security CAE Encryption overview cloud solutions security
    SimScale Encryption Overview

    Security is an integral part of the SimScale philosophy. SimScale offers a highly secure workspace that constantly protects client data. The communication between your computer and the SimScale platform is done via an SSL encrypted connection, a technology that is also used in online banking and e-shopping. In SimScale, all simulations and CAD data are stored and transferred in an encrypted format, based on the industry standard AES technology.

    Read also: On-Premises vs. SaaS CAE Simulation: A Comparative Look.

    Instant Updates 8. Automatic Software Updates

    With SaaS solutions, there is no requirement for supplementary maintenance or special update packages. Software updates and renewals are handled by the cloud vendor and occur several times a year at no cost to the customer.

    In the traditional licensing world, many customers deliberately skip numerous upgrades, despite paying the maintenance fees. With cloud-based CAE software, there is no need to be concerned with updates and compatibility. You and every SimScale user in the world are using the most recent version. There is no requirement for downloads or installations. Just refreshing the browser allows the user to take advantage of the latest enhancements.

    Cloud Collaboration 9. Improved Collaboration

    Cloud solutions and applications improve collaboration by allowing dispersed groups to meet virtually and share information in real time. This capability can reduce time-to-market and improve product development and customer service. When teams can access, edit, and share documents anytime, from anywhere, you’re able to get more done.

    With the SimScale simulation platform, you can work together interactively with your colleagues, clients, partners, and industry experts, even if they are in a different office, in another city or country, or even another continent.

    CAD based solutions 10. Winning Competitiveness

    Moving to the cloud allows access to enterprise-class technology for everyone. It allows smaller businesses to actively compete with large, established competitors by leveling the playing field with regard to the infrastructure and technology required.

    The SimScale platform offers a full set of specific advantages. Cloud-based CAE software can be used in many industries, providing a single, powerful simulation environment for your projects. SimScale provides a groundbreaking simulation solution, at a pay-as-you-go affordable price, accessible from anywhere, with easy-to-use functionality.

    Structural Analysis of Car Suspension System
    Structural Analysis of Car Suspension System

    Why are CAD and CAE Users Migrating to the Cloud?

    One of SimScale’s integration partners is Onshape [2]. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Onshape is the first provider of a fully cloud-based 3D CAD platform, that allows everyone on a design team work together using any web browser. In a special survey comprising responses from more than 200 professionals, Onshape identified the main reasons customers prefer to migrate to full-cloud CAD. [3]

    The main motivations to use cloud-based CAD are:

    • 82% respondents claimed licensing and maintenance issues
    • 78% disliked the difficulties associated with infrastructure and upgrade management
    • 74% complained of frequent CAD crashes in perpetual licensing systems
    • 63% needed to get the entire team access to the CAD program.

    All of these issues contributed to the motivation for cloud-based CAE. With Onshape and SimScale, the whole technical product development process has made a huge leap forward into the virtual world. Both CAD and CAE functionality is significantly easier to access than with traditional methods.

    SimScale’s CEO David Heiny tests the capabilities of the platform to solve a real-life engineering problem. Click on the button below, fill in the form, and watch this free webinar to learn more!


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