Multi-Discipline CAE Tool for Pedestrian Wind Comfort

Ensure Pedestrian Comfort Using Virtual Wind Modelling

What is Pedestrian Wind Comfort?

Pedestrian wind comfort refers to the evaluation of the behavior of wind throughout urban cityscapes to determine its impacts on pedestrians at the ground level. Among other things, this wind modelling assessment takes into consideration wind effects such as tunnel throttling or vorticity which if not planned beforehand can even be harmful or dangerous to people using or even nearby the affected facilities. Learn how you can use SimScale’s wind software to test your designs for these factors now.
wind software assessing pedestrian wind comofrt in an urban environment

SimScale Wind Software Capabilities

Find out how you can assess pedestrian wind comfort for your designs with SimScale from any web browser. As urbanization increases across the globe in parallel with the complexity of modern architectural designs, wind modelling and evaluation is crucial to determine the effect on and safety of urban inhabitants. Check out this overview of SimScale’s wind software capabilities and decide for yourself.

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wind modelling simulation with simscale lbm solver

Design Validation with the LBM PaceFish Solver

As a recent addition to the SimSclae platform, our new GPU-based solver using the Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) pairs high accuracy with unparalleled speed and is accessible via the cloud. The CFD results in this public project were compared to the experimental results and found to have good correlation. Find out more about how to validate your own cases with SimScale.

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Wind software using Lattice Boltzmann solver for computational fluid dynamics

Simulation Videos, Tutorials & Webinars

SimScale has everything you need to get started assessing the pedestrian wind comfort of your designs. Our wind modelling software allows users to determine everything from the wind velocity at different heights to troubling areas of recirculation, and even pinpoint where the venturi effect is most prominent. To learn how to run a simulation yourself with step-by-step instructions, check out our YouTube channel for videos, tutorials, and full-length webinars.

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wind modelling simulation using simscale

Pedestrian Wind Comfort Resources

New to simulation or assessing wind velocity at the pedestrian level? Our SimScale blog is chock full of resources to get you up-to-date on all things pedestrian wind comfort, with spotlight projects, tutorials, and more to help you become a CDF wind modelling master. Browse our blog today.

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The SimScale Community gives you access to completed public simulation projects

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